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Fixed Fees Scheme

Crisp & Co was founded on the firm belief that access to the best legal advice to all aspects of family law should be available to everyone regardless of individual financial circumstances.

From the 1970’s until very recently the Legal Aid scheme ensured that this philosophy was supported by the legal profession.

Legal Aid is no longer offered to people of limited financial resources who find themselves in difficulty at the end of a relationship nor at the outset of a relationship.

Our legal team at Crisp & Co believe that this is inequitable.  For this reason our family solicitors regularly attend Citizen Advice Bureaux clinics across Surrey and SW London to provide free advice.

Our involvement with local Citizen Advice Bureau clinics informed our family solicitors that there are many people who need specialist family law advice but who without Legal Aid, could simply not afford it.  For this reason, in 2010, Crisp & Co set up our unique fixed fee scheme for clients of limited means.  We work also with specialist barristers who share our belief that specialist family law advice should be available to everyone who needs it and are able to secure fixed or significantly reduced counsel fees to our clients of limited financial means.