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BBC show to highlight after-effects of divorce on children

A new documentary exploring how divorce affects children airs on BBC2 this week.

The program, entitled 'Mum and Dad are Splitting Up', is directed by Olly Lambert - whose parents split up when he was very young.

Lambert follows a number of families trying to cope with the after-effects of a divorce application, conducting some emotional interviews with parents and children.

Speaking to, Lambert revealed that he hoped to portray just how emotionally scarring the event can be for everyone involved.

He said: "There seems to be a belief that when a couple separates, their children feel sad for a while afterwards but then things are OK - and yet the truth is that it's much more massive than that.
"It pervades everything; it changes everything in your life, way into the future. It doesn't just change the next few months, it changes the next 50 years.".

Many family lawyers will advise their clients that divorce courts will always seek to find a conclusion that is most suitable for any children that are involved. Some parents will go through family mediation instead of fighting it out in the courts in order to prevent any conflict from affecting their family.

Yet, Lambert's documentary shows that it's not always possible to divorce amicably. According to, the show airs at 9pm on September 5th.