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Moving on from Divorce

As divorce and family law lawyers, we frequently advise individuals on legal matters in relation to your family and loved ones. As our company ethos states we ‘help get life back on track’ when you need it most. This can be anything from advising you on financial matters, living with your partner and divorce.

For us, every divorce is different, with varied surroundings, family setups, emotions, outcomes; the list goes on. Hence why when we first initiate divorce proceedings, we approach this particular situation with sensitivity and understanding.

Then there’s the journey you will take after your divorce, the moving on, or the new beginning. Whichever way you look at it, your life after divorce will inevitably become different, and in some cases can trigger unsettling and unpredictable feelings.

We have taken a look at some of the ways to help with your journey forward from divorce; in effect you have suffered a loss with the ending of you relationship. Taking the following simple steps will help:

Take Time Out
It’s important that during any change in your life that you concentrate on yourself and take time to adjust to these changes. Give yourself more time for certain projects, or work commitments, its good to keep a relatively simplistic routine after your divorce.

Many people during this period may offer the advice of ‘keeping yourself busy’ but remember to also leave room for your emotional well-being, make a conscious effort to take time out to relax and rejuvenate.

Reach Out
Family, friends and loved ones can support you, particularly those who may have already experienced divorce or a breakdown of a relationship. Form experience, their first hand advice will enable you to make positives steps forward.

It’s important not to shut yourself away and try and move forward alone, spending time with others will help energize and potentially build new friendship. You may see your divorce as a fresh start, and what better way to begin this than with some new companions.

If reaching out to people is not something that comes easy to you, try seeking advice from a professional councillor or joining an online support group, here you can seek help and advice within your personal comfort zone.

Exercise and Sleep
Ensure both are in a reasonable moderation, don’t hide yourself away and sleep for long periods of time. Take the recommended 7 hours of sleep, and if you aren’t already, why not join an exercise class or begin a daily 30min work out? Exercise will stimulate positive thoughts and help both your physical and mental health.

Remember, exercise doesn’t have to involve being in the gym for hours or taking several fitness classes a day, doing so in moderation, at your own pace will help significantly.  Believe it or not, it can be fun!

Avoid Narcotics
Lastly, as tempting as it may seem when dealing with your divorce, turning to alcohol or drugs is absolutely not the answer. At a period of your life where emotions may be heightened, and, things around you are changing, the influence of alcohol or drugs will ultimately prolong your pain or impact on your stress levels.

Although it can be difficult to have a positive attitude during divorce, narcotics only provide a temporary fix, and you may feel much worse for doing so. Turn to healthier alternatives in order to relieve your pain, such as exercise, healthy eating and ensuring you have plenty of sleep.

Crisp and Co Solicitors

As we mentioned, no two relationship breakdowns are the same, but as with all our services, we reassure all those who approach us that we will do all that we can to advise you in the best way possible in order to move forward.

If your divorce also involves children, we have written a useful blog on co-parenting tips that may be of use to you.

How can we help?