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Should you announce your divorce on social media?

Whether your browsing LinkedIn over your morning coffee, tweeting the latest 2016 trends or sharing your latest holiday pictures.  You have to agree that social media has become a popular tool amongst all ages.

For many it’s the one stop area to catch up, whether it’s the latest news headlines, business developments or the latest addition to a family. Social media is that one click to all the professional and personal updates you need.

As with many things, social media has lots of pros and cons. One of which is privacy, or lack off. It is not unfamiliar nowadays to hear of an employee being dismissed because of their inappropriate use of social media. Just this week, a freedom of information request by BBC Radio 5 live revealed there was a rise in the number of council workers suspended last year after breaking social media rules. The response showed that in the UK more than 51 workers were suspended due to misuse of social media.

Which leads to the question, what is and what isn’t regarded as appropriate when it comes to social media, and is announcing the end to your relationship and subsequent divorce a good or bad idea?

Recently we reported on the rise of the ‘Divorce Selfie’ where divorced couples are sharing pictures of themselves, along with their divorce certificates to showcase their amicable separation. Social media is also becoming a common area for celebrities to announce their divorces or separations to the world.

Although social media is a convenient platform to announce life’s major changes, from promotions, pregnancies and new home purchases. It’s also become an area to share the not so happy news, such as the passing of a loved one without having to make numerous phone calls to family and friends.

At Crisp and Co we recommend avoiding social media to discuss or announce your divorce before during and after, however if you do decide to announce your divorce there are some important factors to consider:

Make it a joint statement
If your divorce is relatively amicable then a joint small statement from you both will allow both sides of your family and friends to become aware of the situation at the same time, and directly from you, rather than a third party. It will also show that the separation is relatively amicable.

Remain respectful
Remaining respectful towards your ex spouse when it comes to any online announcement involving them. Although you may be feeling resentful its important to keep your dignity intact and avoid making an already stressful situation worse.

Avoid making any unplanned announcements
If you have reached the decision to announce your divorce via social media, ensure you have thought through what you wish to say in your announcement thoroughly. Avoid making any rash decision and be concise. Occasionally there is the danger of over sharing your personal information, keep things short, simple and straight to the point.

As we mentioned above, we do not recommend using social media to discuss or announce your divorce. If social media is something that is causing disruption during your divorce our professional team of divorce and family law lawyers can provide the legal advice you may need. For a free one hour non-obligatory consolation call the below number and a member of our team will happily discuss this with you. 

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