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Divorce Solicitors in Angel

There is no doubt that the breakdown of a relationship is a traumatic and devastating event in your personal and family life. You may be worried about what will happen to your home and children or how you will cope on your own, financially.

Whether you need guidance on separation, advice about getting divorced or support ending a civil partnership, we can help you make all the right decisions to secure your personal and financial future.

Crisp & Co specialist divorce solicitors in Angel have been helping individuals and families for many years through the divorce and separation process to reach positive and successful outcomes.

With an excellent reputation and proven track record of success in divorce and family law, our solicitors will work effectively and efficiently to reach an agreeable settlement for you. 

We have all the necessary skill and expertise to optimise your success and secure an outcome that is in your and your family’s best interest, whilst at the same time keeping time, costs and stress to a minimum.

Our expert team of divorce solicitors in Angel can help you with:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Unmarried separation
  • Ending a civil partnership
  • Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Child law
  • Collaborative law
  • Domestic violence
  • Divorce finances
  • Asset division
  • International divorce

Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Collaborative Law in Angel

We know that tensions and emotions run high during the divorce or separation process. Making decisions during times of conflict can become increasingly difficult and disputes can quickly escalate.

Crisp & Co lawyers are firmly committed to resolving matters quickly and outside of Court, wherever possible. Our aim is to help you find effective ways for you and your ex-partner to overcome difficult decisions and end your relationship as amicably as possible – especially where children are involved.

Our solicitors are highly skilled in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution and will work diligently and pro-actively using methods such as mediation, negotiation or the collaborative law process to secure the best outcome for you and your family.

We abide by the Resolution Family Law Group protocol which aims to minimise the emotional impact of divorce on you and your family. For further information please see our Resolution code/protocol page.

Our team of divorce lawyers also support Mediation as an effective way of resolving matrimonial and family breakdown. Mediation can help you resolve issues relating to divorce, dissolution, finance and children without the need for going to Court.  You can learn more about the benefits of mediation here.

Our solicitors specialise in the Collaborative Law process and encourage this approach as an open and non-confrontational means of dealing with a relationship breakdown. You can find out more information on our collaborative law page.

Financial Settlement Expertise in Angel

Divorce can have a devastating financial impact on your personal and family life. For this reason, we know how crucial financial settlements are in providing future stability for you and your children.

Disagreements often arise over future financial arrangements and the splitting of finances which can cause an already tense situation to escalate further.  Whether your financial issue relates to child maintenance, spousal maintenance or the division of property, we will use strong tactical negotiation to encourage trust, dialogue and compromise. 

Our fully qualified Alternative Dispute Resolution solicitors in Angel are able to draw on wide experience and expert negotiation skills to offer you prompt, tailored advice that will help you achieve a quick and fair resolution to the financial settlement in your divorce.

International Divorce in Angel

If you wish to end your marriage but are unsure of what you need to do next because you are living overseas or there is an international element to your relationship, it is important you seek advice from a specialist solicitor, as soon as possible.

At Crisp & Co, our international divorce lawyers in Angel understand the complexity of an international relationship and are well equipped with all the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide you with effective, strategic advice that will get you efficiently through the separation process. 

Our solicitors have a great deal of experience in working with clients living abroad.  We will take the time to understand and analyse your precise individual circumstances and desired outcome before advising you on the best approach and the most appropriate country’s Courts to handle your divorce and financial settlement.

How much will it cost?

Your costs will depend on the amount of time it takes to reach an agreement on your divorce and division of assets. 

We endeavour to work with you efficiently and proactively to help you avoid the type of conflict that turns into lengthy and costly Court battles. With our legal guidance and expertise, we aim to help you to reach a satisfactory outcome with minimal time, cost and stress.

We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive rates for the best expertise which allows you to pursue your goals without compromising your case or worrying overly about costs.

We will advise you at the outset of your likely costs and provide a helpful cost plan and time estimate from your first appointment, keeping you informed and updated at regular intervals, throughout. 

If you are on a fixed or limited budget, we can also offer you a “pay as you go” option, where work is restricted to a cost limit set by you.

Your initial appointment will be completely free of charge. This helps us to understand your current position, advise you of your options and outline any funding options available to you. 

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you with a divorce or separation.

Resources for Divorcees in Angel

Divorce Meetups

Divorce can be a challenging experience, and even more so if you go at it alone. That is why we recommend meeting other people who are going through the same experience as you. The best place to find groups for people going through divorce is meetup.

divorce solicitors in angel

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