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Divorce Solicitors in Canary Wharf

At Crisp & Co, we’re solely dedicated in family law.

Our committed team of divorce solicitors in Canary Wharf are not only here to help you achieve the best possible outcome; they are here to ensure the process is as painless as possible too.

We understand that marriages can break down for a number of reasons and that no two situations are the same. Our divorce solicitors in Canary Wharf are experienced in all aspects of divorce law and are here to guide you through your separation with ease.

Resources for Divorce in Canary Wharf

During the emotional process of divorce, you may feel as though you are alone in your suffering. However, taking a look into local resources will show you that there are a number of groups that provide support for divorce in Canary Wharf at a time where you may need reassurance or even just someone to talk to.

Divorce Support Groups in Canary Wharf

There are plenty of divorce support groups to be found on the website meetup by searching for the term ‘divorce’ in Canary Wharf. From outdoor activities to dinner and drinks, these groups are always looking for new members to join in, and you will find distancing yourself from the divorce itself will take your mind off it.

Divorce Solicitors in Canary Wharf

Opening up about your emotions with others in a similar situation is often a productive and positive activity for those going through a divorce. Gingerbread is a support network who provide advice, information and help for single parents and couples who have recently separated. There are Gingerbread local support groups all over the UK, the closest to Canary Wharf being Lewisham High St.

East London Family Court

East London Family Court is located in Canary Wharf and is a 12 Courtroom centre that deals with divorce issues. It has been specially designed and equipped to support video-linked hearings in 4 of the courts for the benefit of vulnerable witnesses. For enquiries, you can call 0203 197 2886.