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Divorce Solicitors in Chelsea

There are many challenges, both legal and emotional, to deal with when getting divorced. Our divorce lawyers in Chelsea offer a sensitive, practical approach designed to make it as simple, swift and stress-free as possible to sort out all of the details of your divorce.

We can help you with everything from creating or responding to a divorce petition, to reaching a financial settlement and making arrangements for children. Our expertise is in minimising conflict during the divorce process through methods such as mediation and collaborative law, allowing you to have a harmonious divorce that protects your interests.

With over 20 years experience in divorce law, we know how to make getting divorced faster, less expensive and less acrimonious, while protecting you legally and financially, leaving you free to move on with your life.

Speak to our divorce lawyers in Chelsea today by calling 0203 281 7837, emailing or using the enquiry form on the right to request a call back.

Our divorce law services in Chelsea

We offer a friendly, practical approach to all legal issues related to divorce, making it as easy and stress-free as possible to sort out the details of ending your relationship.

Divorce petitions

Whether you are initiating divorce proceedings or responding to divorce proceedings started by your spouse, we can help you ensure all of the legal details are correctly handled, allowing the divorce to move ahead quickly while making sure you stay protected. This includes making sure the grounds for divorce you specify are sufficient to satisfy the courts without causing unnecessary conflict with your ex.

Divorce settlements

We can help you work out all of the financial aspects of your divorce, including how any joint assets will be divided and what, if any, maintenance payments one party will make to the other.  Our divorce solicitors offer pragmatic advice aimed at keeping the settlement fair for both parties and preventing future conflicts.

Arrangements for children

Where you have children together, deciding the arrangements for their care, such as where they will live and how much contact each parents will have, are often the most complicated to sort out. We aim to keep this process harmonious wherever possible, allowing you to come to an arrangement that works for both of you while ensuring your children’s best interests are protected.

Divorce mediation

Mediation is increasingly the most popular way for people to sort out the details of their divorce. It involves both parties sitting down with a trained neutral mediator who will guide you through discussing any points of contention in a non-confrontational way and help you work towards a mutually acceptable solution.

In most cases, you will need to show that you have at least considered mediation with a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before being allowed to take your divorce through the courts (if this is your preferred option).

Collaborative law for divorce

Collaborative law offers an alternative to mediation for those who would prefer the support of a trained legal expert during divorce negotiations. Collaborative law involves both parties meeting, each accompanied by a lawyer trained in collaborative law.

A series of four-way meetings then take place, aimed at agreeing all of the details of the divorce without the need to go to court. This option can be attractive if there are complicated issues to sort out, such as investments or a jointly owned business.

Why choose Crisp and Co divorce lawyers in Chelsea?

Crisp & Co has more than two decades of experience helping people with all aspects of divorce in Chelsea and throughout London and the South East. Our firm specialises exclusively in divorce and family law, meaning all of our energies are focused on providing the best possible service in these areas to every client.

Our focus is on non-confrontational divorce, including through mediation and collaborative law. This approach means we can usually resolve the issues surrounding your divorce without the need for you to go to court, saving you time, money and a lot of stress. This also normally makes it easier to retain a positive relationship with your former spouse, which can be highly beneficial, especially if you need to continue co-parenting children together.

Many of our solicitors are members of Resolution – a network of legal professionals committed to non-confrontational dispute resolution. We have also achieved Lexcel accreditation from the Law Society, reflecting the high quality of legal practice management and customer care we provide.

Book an appointment with our divorce solicitors in Chelsea

To arrange an appointment with our divorce lawyers in Chelsea, call us on 0203 281 7837, email or use the enquiry form below to request a call back. 

Resources for divorce in Chelsea

While our divorce solicitors can ease you through the legal side of things, you may find that peer-to-peer support in the Chelsea area will be beneficial to you. There are plenty of useful resources, including groups of people in similar situations who, like you, are looking to get their lives back on track.

Divorce Support Groups in Chelsea

Many of support groups can be found on by searching for the term ‘divorce’ in Chelsea. Here you will find a list of divorce-specific groups along with their upcoming plans and meet up dates.

Gingerbread is a charity providing advice and practical support for single parents and have meet-up groups across the UK. By using their ‘Groups Map’ you will find the ‘Masbro Gingerbread Group’ located just off Kensington High St.

Court Tribunal Finder

The Court and Tribunal finder will direct you to your nearest divorce centre. The website will ask for your postcode and will then provide you with the address and areas of law covered, along with a map.

Chelsea Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau in Chelsea will advise you on the process of separation including financial issues, housing and children as well as the process of mediation.


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