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Divorce Solicitors in Covent Garden

Since settling into the latest branch in the West End, Crisp & Co have helped a number of people and families through the process of divorce in Covent Garden.

Our team of divorce solicitors in Covent Garden are here to ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible by assisting you with mediation, financial issues, childcare law and cohabitation agreements.

If you and your partner have made the difficult decision to separate, it's essential that you seek legal advice from a professional you can trust to protect your interests. That's where we come in. At Crisp & Co, our dedicated divorce solicitors in Covent Garden are specialists in family law. Since opening our doors over 20 years ago, we've proudly helped a vast number of couples in the community through the divorce process with ease. 

Divorce is a challenging time for all involved. That's why our aim is to tackle the issues that cause disputes as early as possible, encouraging resolution through constructive mediation sessions or collaborative law. If successful, this will keep the costs and time involved in the process to a minimum while allowing you and your ex-partner to reach important decisions amicably. Our divorce solicitors in Covent Garden are passionate about what we do, and will always go above and beyond to ensure your requirements are met in the outcome of the separation.

Just get in touch today to find out how we can help you. 

Resources for Divorcees in Covent Garden

Our aim is to simplify the process of divorce and provide guidance and advice that suit your individual needs. While our team of divorce solicitors will work hard to secure the best possible outcome, you may find that receiving support from other sources will help in relieving some of your stress. The latest census data from 2011 shows that 9.4% of the population in the Covent Garden area were separated or divorced, and that figure has undoubtedly increased since that time. While this isn’t exactly a positive statistic, it is reassuring to know that there are others who are in your situation or have gone through a similar experience.

Divorce Support Groups in Covent Garden

One useful resource you can rely on at this time is , a site which hundreds of divorcees in London use to meet up with peers for support and comfort by organising get-togethers. Simply visit the site and search for divorce support groups in Covent Garden and you will find a list of events taking place, which may help you take your mind off the divorce or provide an environment where you can discuss it freely.

Divorce Solicitors in Covent Garden

Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau

The Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau is located in Strand, a few minutes from Covent Garden. Their Family Legal Centre provides legal advice to anyone who is involved in a family case such as divorce.

Court Tribunal Finder

The Court and Tribunal finder will direct you to your nearest divorce centre. The website will ask for your postcode and will then provide you with the address and areas of law covered, along with a map.