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Family Law Solicitors in Covent Garden

Here at Crisp & Co, we believe that each family is unique.

That’s why our expert team of family solicitors in Covent Garden will take the time to understand your individual circumstance in detail before getting to work to resolve the issue.

As the latest addition to our range of London offices, our family law solicitors in Covent Garden have already helped many families in the local community by providing first class tailored legal advice in a timely and sensitive manner.

What services do Crisp & Co Solicitors offer families?

In order to provide the top class service we believe you deserve, we dedicate ourselves entirely to practicing family law. This way, we can guarantee an expert level of advice. The areas of family law we cover are:

  • Mediation
  • Collaboration
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Children - E.g Custody & Child Support
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Prenuptual Agreements (Pre-nups)
  • Financial Issues Related to Family Breakdown
  • International Family Law
  • Same Sex Relationships

Family Law Solicitors in Covent Garden

Resources for Families in Covent Garden

While we aim to resolve your family related issue as promptly as possible, you may find it beneficial to do some research into the basics as well as reaching out to the community for support. We have compiled a selection of resources, both local and national that may be useful to you during this time.

Resources for families undergoing a divorce:

We have a page dedicated to resources for divorcees in Covent Garden.

Camden Council: Holborn and Covent Garden

For information and resources on issues relating to family law in Covent Garden, you may find the Camden Council website useful in locating contact details as well as gaining information about childcare issues, housing, and financial issues.

Parent & Family Meetups in Covent Garden

Getting together with like minded people for fun activities, support workshops or even just dinner may help to ease with the stress of your circumstances. By using, you can locate various groups of peers in similar situations that are close by.

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

While we understand that speaking up about the domestic abuse you have suffered may not seem like the best approach, we also believe that it can be beneficial to talk to someone about your experience and more importantly, receive support. We have provided a selection of charities below that will give you ongoing support during this time.

Victim Support is a charity for victims of crime in England and Wales who provide professional and consistent support service to all victims of domestic violence, including specialist support for young victims, male victims and same-sex relationships. The closest branch to can be found in Camden, and can be reached at 020 7336 1735.

Hestia is a charity which actively works with adults and children to provide support when they need it the most. Their Domestic Abuse Services Centre in Camden offers 5 refuge accommodation spaces, floating support, a help line, children’s services, BME specific services as well as a 12 week integrated community group program for children and their mothers who have experienced domestic abuse. They also started the Butterfly Project, a group which provides peer support to victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Broken Rainbow provides assistance, information and support to members of the LGBT+ community who have suffered domestic abuse. Contact Broken Rainbow on their free-phone at 0800 999 5428.

Family Law Court in Covent Garden

The Central London Family Court, which incorporates the Royal Court of Justice Advice Bureau, is located in High Holborn near Covent Garden and deals with all areas of family law. You can contact them via phone on 0203 475 4373 for an appointment.