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Divorce Solicitors in Guildford

At Crisp and Co, we know that the process of divorce can be one of the most challenging times in your life.

Our divorce solicitors in Guildford understand that each divorce is unique and each has it’s own complexities. That’s why our approach is to provide a tailored plan based on your individual needs after assessing the ins and outs of your situation.

What we will never do is assume. While we are firm believers in mediation and alternatives to court, our divorce solicitors in Guildford will always listen to you and work hard to secure your desired outcome, no matter how complex.

Resources for Divorcees in Guildford

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Results of a 2014 survey showed that 42% of marriages in Surrey ended in divorce. This statistic is not necessarily a positive one, however, it goes to show that you are not alone in your situation. While you certainly can’t plan a divorce in advance, there are steps you can take during the process to alleviate some of the stress involved with separation. This may involve reaching out to support groups in the local community or getting in touch with your local citizens advice bureau as a starting point. While our team of divorce lawyers can always give you the first class legal advice you deserve, it may be useful to seek comfort and support from these resources too.

Divorce Support Groups in Guildford

One great resource for connecting with groups online is, where you can search for specific types of groups as well as location. Whether you choose to search for divorce groups or just those with similar interests is up to you – but this platform can certainly act as a springboard to getting yourself back on track and involved in fun activities with likeminded people.

Often, taking your mind off the divorce can benefit you emotionally; however you may also find that connecting with other individuals in similar situations allows you to talk freely amongst those who have experienced the same thing.

Gingerbread are a national charity who fight for single parents, providing practical advice and care in the form of telephone support or Friendship Groups all around the country. To find your local group, register to the website and find the Groups Map.

Citizens Advice Bureau in Guildford

The Citizens Advice Bureau in Guildford may be of use to you if you are looking to gain basic information about divorce, mediation and housing but aren’t sure where to start.

Guildford County Court

Guildford County Court deals with all family law related cases such as divorce and mediation. To get in touch, you can email or phone 0300 123 5577.