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Divorce Solicitors in Manchester

Divorce specialist solicitors

Our Manchester divorce lawyers have all the expertise and experience you need to achieve a fast, straightforward divorce.

We are proud to have been awarded the Lexcel quality mark by The Law Society, which indicates that the firm works to the highest management and client care standards. We have a strong track record for helping individuals resolve divorce matters without conflict wherever possible.

We can guide you through the entire divorce process, from making the initial divorce application, to negotiating a financial settlement with your former partner, to sorting out childcare arrangements.

With over 20 years of experience in divorce and family law we have earned an enviable reputation for our skills. We are members of the Law Society Family Law Advanced Accreditation scheme for our expertise in complex and high value divorce matters and international divorces. We have also specialised in LGBT+ divorce matters for many years and can provide high quality advice on the unique issues that arise in these cases.

We combine our legal expertise with a warm, personal service. We approach all divorce cases sensitively and empathetically. We know how emotionally painful it can be to go through a relationship breakdown, particularly if you have been together for many years and/or have children. With our family lawyers on your side, you have the best possible chance of achieving a positive resolution and there is little chance you will need to go to court.

Speak to our divorce lawyers in Manchester today by calling 02085467969, emailing or filling in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

Our divorce law services in Manchester

Our goal is to help you achieve a divorce settlement that enables you to move on with your life feeling happy and secure. We can handle every aspect of your divorce from the moment you decide to separate to the issue of your final order.

Divorce petitions

Submitting a divorce petition to court is the first step to getting a divorce. Ensuring the petition is completed accurately is essential to ensure the process starts smoothly. Any errors could mean that the court rejects the petition, forcing you to start again and wasting time and money.

Our divorce solicitors have submitted hundreds of applications on behalf of individuals in our time. We have meticulous attention to detail and years of practical experience which means that you can trust us to get your divorce off to the strongest possible start.

We can also help you respond to a petition submitted by your former partner, including where you disagree with their reasons for the divorce and want to dispute the proceedings.

We will ensure that your divorce is progressed as swiftly as possible, including applying for the final order as soon as you are eligible to do so.

Please note that the divorce process is changing from Autumn 2021. Once the law changes divorcing couples will no longer need to rely on a reason to get divorced and will be unable to challenge the application. For more information, please visit our No-Fault Divorce Hub.

Divorce settlements

Separating your finances can be the most daunting aspect of getting a divorce. After years together it is likely that your finances are closely intertwined and there will often be properties, savings, pensions, and businesses to sort out. There is also the question of child and spousal maintenance payments and whether one party should continue to support the other party, once the divorce is final. It is therefore common for disputes about finances to arise between separating couples.

Our divorce and financial settlement solicitors in Manchester are highly skilled at handling even the most complex final financial situations. Our expertise includes advising high net worth individuals and in cases involving international assets.

We always aim to keep the negotiations as civil as possible while ensuring that the final settlement meets your needs. Where appropriate, we can help you access forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and collaborative law to help you find a resolution in a friendly, neutral environment.

Arrangements for children

Making decisions about children tends to be the most emotive issue couples need to resolve during divorce proceedings. Questions such as where the children will live, how much contact they will have with their parents, and other issues such as where the child should go to school and whether one parent can relocate overseas can be immensely challenging.

We approach all children related matters sensitively and practically. We will listen closely to your concerns and provide detailed advice about all your options while keeping your children’s best interests at heart.

In our experience, maintaining an amicable relationship with your former partner is the key to making the divorce more manageable for your children. Children can be deeply affected by parents in conflict so part of our service is to help you explore options with a positive and cooperative mindset. Where appropriate we can help you access forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and collaborative law which have a strong track record for helping separating couples workout long term parenting arrangements.

We also have considerable experience helping parents apply for a range of child related court orders, including Child Arrangements Orders, Specific Issue Orders, and Prohibited Steps Orders.

Divorce mediation

Many people who go through a divorce are worried about ending up in court, however, it is more common for couples to come to an agreement about important issues out of court using processes such as mediation. Mediation Involves attending a series of meetings with your former partner in a neutral environment to discuss divorce issues, matrimonial finances and childcare arrangements, with the help of a trained mediator.

The mediator does not take sides or provide legal advice. Their role is to guide your discussion and help you defuse any conflict. If you are able to agree during your mediation sessions, the mediator will put your agreement into writing. The whole process tends to be much faster and cheaper than going to court.

Collaborative law for divorce

Like mediation, collaborative law tends to be faster and cheaper than going to court. It also involves attending a series of meetings with your former partner in a neutral environment to discuss divorce and ancillary financial matters arising from your divorce. Both of you will be accompanied by your own trained collaborative lawyer who will provide you with legal advice and can negotiate on your behalf. You can also vote to invite other professionals such as accountants and financial advisors to provide input on the proceedings. For this reason, collaborative law is often suitable for people with high value or complex finances .

Our team includes several qualified collaborative lawyers who can provide further advice about the process and help you get started.

Our divorce fees in Manchester

We aim to make our fees as transparent as possible from the outset of your divorce case. When you have your free initial consultation with one of our matrimonial specialists, we will ask questions about your circumstances and then provide a tailored fee estimate and information about associated costs such as the divorce petition fee. We will also provide advice about our pricing structures and payment methods with the aim of reaching a fee agreement that suits your needs.

We will always ensure that we stick to our fee estimate and if there are any unforeseen circumstances that require extra work, we will always discuss this with you, before incurring further fees.

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Speak to our divorce lawyers in Manchester today by calling 02085467969, emailing or filling in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

Helpful resources for divorce in Manchester

Manchester Civil Justice Centre

1 Bridge Street West
M60 9DJ
Family cases heard at this venue:
  • Adoption
  • Children
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Forced marriage and FGM

Divorce support groups in Manchester

MeetUp is a great way to meet people who are going through the same experience as you, such as The Divorce Club Manchester.


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