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Divorce Solicitors in Reigate

Divorce is a life-changing decision, and a process which requires a practical but delicate approach. At Crisp and Co, our expert team of divorce solicitors in Reigate are here to ensure that this is exactly what you receive.

With vast experience in all family law matters, you can guarantee that our specialist divorce lawyers in Reigate will handle your case with professionalism and efficiency. When you come to Crisp and Co with your case, we’ll make it our priority to ensure you’re getting a fair settlement, no matter how fraught the relationship. Rather than assume, we’ll the time to understand your unique situation and deliver a service that is tailored to your needs.

Resources for Divorcees in Reigate

Divorce Solicitors Reigate

Anyone who has been through divorce or separation before will know how challenging this time can be, and even if the process is executed efficiently and fairly, its an unfamiliar time that is distressing for many. While our divorce solicitors will be at hand to ensure your desired outcome is secured, it might also be beneficial for you to reach out to family and friends for support and comfort during this time. As well as this, there are many support groups for divorcees in Reigate that always welcome new members to take part in activities or simply just discuss your experience openly amongst peers.

Divorce Support Groups in Reigate

Connecting with these support groups in Reigate is easily done through websites like, where you will find a handful of groups who regularly organise workshops, get-togethers and activities to help each other through the pain of divorce. Simply search for your group type and location to start getting involved.

If you are a single parent looking to connect with others for practical advice and comfort, Gingerbread run workshops around the country specifically for single parents to connect with each other. These ‘Friendship Groups’ can be joined at any time, and you may find that being with others who are in similar situations reassures you and provides a place for you to talk freely about your experiences.

Citizens Advice Bureau in Reigate

The Citizens Advice Bureau might be of use to you if you are looking for basic information on certain areas surrounding divorce. You will find their contact details on their website. However, for further information from family law specialists, we advise you call one of our divorce solicitors on 020 3582 4678.

Reigate County Court and Family Court

If Reigate County Court is hearing your case, you can call them on 0300 123 5577or email