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A Day in the Life of... a Trainee Solicitor

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Trainee Solicitor? Training to become a solicitor takes years of hard work and studying as well as experiencing how a real-life law firm operates on a daily basis.

In this blog our two Trainees, Laura Williams and Nhu Vo, give us a glimpse into a day in their life working as a Trainee Solicitor at Crisp & Co, and how they work with their supervisors to learn all about family law and how cases are dealt with.

Preparing for the day

My day typically starts at 8.45am where I check my emails for any outstanding work or messages that I need to catch up on or reply to. I prefer to get an early start to the day to review my tasks and see what needs prioritising, particularly if there is a deadline looming!

Responding to clients

Around 9am I can see that a client would like further advice on the implications of agreeing to an amendment of a draft consent order. I consider the position and speak with my supervisor about how best to approach this.

As a Trainee Solicitor, my work is always checked by my supervisor before anything is sent to the client, but I’m encouraged to draft the initial response myself. I find this an important part of my training as it allows me to improve my skills in a practical setting.

Meeting with my supervisor

At 10am I have a meeting with my supervisor and his secretary to discuss each case and assess the tasks that need our attention this week. As a Trainee, I find it very helpful to be able to follow cases from the beginning, right until the end, as it makes it easier to appreciate various nuances and strategies used on each matter.

Firm fee earner meeting

This week, we also have one of our fortnightly firm fee earner meetings at 11am. We are discussing individual workloads and debating a new case about Arbitration and appeals. It’s great to catch up with everyone via Zoom.

Fielding calls

From around 11.40am onwards, I set about prioritising the tasks for the day and fielding calls for my supervising solicitor.

Conducting research

After lunch, I have a specific research task which will take up most of the afternoon. It is a niche, cross-jurisdictional issue my supervisor would like to discuss tomorrow morning.

At 5pm, I begin to draft a list of emails and points to discuss with my supervisor tomorrow morning before logging off for the day.

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