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Divorce & Family Law Solicitors in The City of London

Matrimonial & Family Law Experts

Our family law and divorce solicitors in the City of London have been providing expert and affordable legal advice to individuals and families in central London since 1996. We can support you with a wide range of issues, including divorce and relationship breakdown, cohabitation, pre-nuptial agreements and all aspects of LGBTQI family law. Our focus is on finding positive outcomes that minimise conflict wherever possible.

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How to find us

Our City law office offers meeting rooms in a contemporary building in the heart of the City of London. We can be found opposite the Bank of England and directly above Bank tube station (exit 1).

Our divorce and family law services in the City of London

Divorce law

We aim to make the process of getting divorced as easy as possible, with a focus on non-confrontational dispute resolution through mediation and collaborative law. This allows you to amicably agree the details of your divorce with your spouse, saving you time, money and a lot of stress compared to going to court.

Our friendly, experienced divorce solicitors can help you with everything from creating and responding to a divorce petition, agreeing grounds for divorce with your ex, negotiating a financial settlement and agreeing arrangements for children. That way, you can quickly move on with your life with minimal disruption.

Children law

Legal issues involving your children can be complicated and highly emotive and any conflict can have a negative effect on their wellbeing. Our approach allows you to find solutions that defend your rights while ensuring your children’s best interests are taken care of, all while keeping the process as conflict-free as possible.

We can help you with everything from making arrangements for where your children will live and what contact each parent will have when getting divorced or separating, to adoption, surrogacy, sperm donation and any other legal issues relating to your children.

Co-habitation agreements

An increasingly number of couples are choosing to live together without getting married or entering a civil partnership, which can present issues if you split up, especially if you live in a property one or both of you own.

Our family law solicitors can help you create a cohabitation agreement that specifies what rights each of you has to your home, as well as how much each of you will contribute to the mortgage, if one of you will need to pay the other rent etc. This can make life much easier, both when cohabiting and if your relationship ends.

Pre-nuptial agreements

A growing number of people already own their own home when getting married, as well as often having significant other assets, such as savings, investments and private pensions. It is increasingly common for people to want to ensure those assets are protected in the event their marriage doesn’t work out, giving long-term security.

Our pre-nup solicitors can create a strong agreement for you that meets all of the requirements to be accepted by a judge while ensuring that the process of creating the pre-nup has no negative impact on your relationship.

Family dispute resolution

Our expertise in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative law, means we can usually help you to diffuse family conflicts without the need for court action. Not only does this save you time, money and stress, it also means the process of finding a solution stays in your hands, rather than leaving the final decision up to a judge.

LGBTQI family law

We have been offering specialist legal advice to LGBTQI individuals and families for many years, with extensive experience across a wide range of areas including divorce, civil partnership dissolution and separation, as well as adoption, surrogacy, sperm and egg donation and all other issues related to LGBTQI parenting.

Domestic violence

If you or your children have experienced domestic abuse, whether physical, verbal or both, we can take immediate action to make you and your loved ones safe. We can quickly have court orders put in place preventing your abuser from coming near you and your children, or contacting you, as well as forcing them to leave your shared home if required. Our sensitive, practical approach to domestic abuse issues makes it as fast and simple as possible to get the protection you and your family need.

Local resources for divorce and family law in central London

Central Family Court

This court hears cases related to adoption, children, domestic violence, forced marriage and FGM for people in central London, including The City.

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