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Divorce and Family Law Solicitors in Guildford

Set up in 1996, our family law and divorce solicitors in Guildford, are committed to providing clients with discreet, cost-effective advice in all areas of divorce and family law,

We understand the complex and emotional nature of any relationship breakdown and issues that involve children, separation or divorce.

You can trust our solicitors to take a sensitive approach to your family law matters, always ensuring that our support matches your requirements and needs.

Mediation and collaborative law are our preferred legal approaches. Both of these methods allow us to resolve your legal issues without resolving to court proceedings, saving you  money as well as time and stress.

To book an appointment, simply call us on 0117 2810515, send us an email at or use the enquiry form on the right to request a call back.

Our family law services in Guildford

Our family law expertise includes:

Divorce Law

At Crisp and Co, we know that getting divorced is an emotional and confusing time. When you’re facing this difficult period, you’ll need expert solicitors on your side, guiding you through every practical task. Our divorce solicitors in Guildford can assist you with every stage of the divorce process, from completing a divorce application, to obtaining a Final Order.

We can assist you with all the necessary legal tasks, such as reaching a financial settlement, or making child arrangements with your ex-spouse if you have children.

At Crisp & Co, our expert solicitors are trained in mediation and collaborative law, meaning we can help you to arrange the key aspects of your divorce out of court, minimising stress where possible.

Our specialist team have helped so many families over the years from all walks of life, with our expertise including LGBT+ divorceinternational divorcemilitary and army divorce and high net worth divorce and dissolution.

Civil partnership dissolution

If you are considering dissolving your civil partnership, we understand that you are likely feeling emotional and stressed. During this tough period, you’ll need the support of expert solicitors.

Our civil partnership dissolution solicitors can provide expert support throughout every stage, from the application process, to receiving the Conditional Order, and later the Final Order which legally ends your partnership.

We can also help you to arrange associated matters, including financial settlements, or making any arrangements for your children.

Divorce and finance

Our divorce solicitors in Guildford can provide specialist assistance with divorce and finances, assisting you to protect your finances now and in the future.

We can help you with all matters related to divorce and finances, such as:

  • Negotiating a voluntary financial settlement with your ex-spouse
  • Obtaining a Financial Order
  • Obtaining a Clean Break Order
  • Support through Court proceedings if needed
  • Helping you agree a bespoke financial settlement that suits your individual needs
  • Advice about pensions upon divorce and dissolution
  • Advice about trusts upon divorce and dissolution
  • Advice about companies upon divorce and dissolution
  • Obtaining Freezing Orders and Injunctions where there is a risk that your partner is hiding or will hide assets
  • Working with forensic accountants

If you would like to discuss your financial options with a family law solicitor, please get in touch with our expert divorce solicitors in Guildford today.

Separation solicitors

Divorce and dissolution is a very final step that takes a lot of thought. Our separation solicitors in Guildford can provide practical advice about your options if you want to separate from your partner but cannot or do not want to officially end the relationship.

For example, you may choose to separate if:

  • You have religious, cultural, or personal reasons against divorce.
  • You have been married for less than a year and cannot get a divorce yet.
  • You simply have not decided whether to divorce or dissolution yet.

We can help you enter into a practical separation agreement or apply for a legal separation to:

  • Separate your finances
  • Make arrangements for childcare and co-parenting

Cohabitation agreements

It is incredibly common for couples to live together without getting married. However, lots of couples assume that they have automatic legal protection as cohabitees, which is not the case.

If you are currently living with an unmarried partner, our expert family lawyers in Guildford can assist you to draft a cohabitation agreement. These agreements establish the arrangements for finances, property, and children, while cohabiting, and if the relationship comes to an end.

Our cohabitation lawyers in Guildford can help you to draft an agreement that meets your needs, addressing any concerns you have along the way.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Our friendly pre-nuptial agreement solicitors in Guildford can provide all the advice you need about protecting your assets and financial interests during your relationship.

Prenuptial agreements are legal documents, entered into by two parties prior to getting married. These agreements establish the financial responsibilities and assets of both individuals, including how assets and property will be divided in the event of a divorce.

Our experts can assist you to prepare the perfect prenuptial agreement to protect your financial interests. Equally, if your partner has requested that you sign a prenup, we can help you to review this.

As well as providing support with prenuptial agreements, we can also help with the following agreements:

  • Post-nuptial agreements
  • Pre-civil partnership agreements
  • Post-civil partnership agreements

Children law

We appreciate that legal matters involving your children can be incredibly emotive, as well as difficult to deal with. Our family law solicitors in Guildford can provide empathetic and practical guidance, ensuring that your children are put first.

Our specialists can provide help with making child arrangements following a divorce or separation. We can also provide support with any disagreements related to a specific aspect of your child’s upbringing.

Our expertise also includes:

LGBT+ family law

Our specialist family law solicitors in Guildford have plenty of experience in LGBT+ family law, meaning that we are in the ideal position to support you and your family.

We can provide bespoke assistance across a wide range of matters, including:

International divorce

Dissolutions and divorces involving international aspects can quickly become complicated. Our international divorce solicitors in Guildford specialise in this area and can help you find the right way forward. We help with a wide range of issues, such as:

  • You live abroad but want UK law to apply to your divorce
  • You and/or your partner are not UK nationals and/or you got married overseas
  • There is international property involved
  • International co-parenting issues, for example, if you or your partner want to take your child out of the country
  • Child maintenance and spousal maintenance where one party lives overseas

Fertility law

Choosing to have a family is a huge decision, provoking many different emotions and concerns. If you’re considering having a child through options such as IVF or surrogacy, you may require legal support to help you on your journey.

At Crisp and Co, our expert family law solicitors in Guildford can help clients with all types of fertility law based matters. We can help with legal areas such as:

  • Legal guidance on surrogacy law and support to create surrogacy agreements
  • Assistance to access a Parental Order, (for surrogate parents)
  • Legal advice concerning assisted reproduction and artificial insemination, including IVF, IUI and donor insemination

Our family solicitors can offer all of the information that you will require regarding fertility law, always catering our support to your unique needs.

Domestic violence

At Crisp & Co, we understand that suffering domestic violence is an extremely frightening situation to be in and that victims are going through a lot of trauma. While asking for help can be a challenge, it is important that you get the support you need, in order to ensure your safety.

Our Guildford domestic violence solicitors can help you seek legal protection from your abuser for you and your children. Our expertise includes:

Family dispute resolution

Family disputes are both stressful and complicated, and if you fail to take the right approach, these situations can swiftly escalate.

Thanks to our expertise in family dispute resolution, we can often resolve your family legal matters without having to resort to court proceedings. By keeping your dispute out of court, we can save you money and time.

Our team at Crisp & Co have specialist training in collaborative law and family mediation. Both approaches are useful to settle family conflicts in an amicable way.

For more information, please contact our expert family law solicitors in Guildford.

Why choose Crisp & Co’s family lawyers in Guildford?

  • Crisp & Co specialise in family law, this is the only area of the law that we provide legal assistance with, allowing us to focus all of our expertise in this area and deliver the best results.
  • Many of our Guildford family lawyers are members of Resolution, a network of legal professionals who specialise in helping families find positive out-of-court solutions to their problems.
  • We are accredited by the Law Society in Family Law Advanced which is a quality marker for firms that specialise in complex, disputed and high value family law issues.
  • We are also accredited by the Law Society in Lexcel, which is the practice quality mark for firms that demonstrate the highest standards of client care, compliance and legal practice management.

Local Legal Resources in Guildford

Guildford County Court and Family Court

This Court hears cases related to adoption, bankruptcy, childcare arrangements if you separate from your partner, divorce hearings and domestic abuse.

Guildford Magistrates' Court and Family Court

This Court hears cases related to childcare arrangements if you separate from your partner, divorce hearings and domestic abuse.


At Crisp & Co, we are dedicated to ensuring that our legal services are as accessible as possible. Please let us know if you have any specific disability requirements, and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

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