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Family Law Solicitors in Reigate

Our expert family law solicitors in Reigate are here for you

Our specialist divorce and family law solicitors in Reigate offer empathetic, practical support for all of the legal issues affecting your family and relationships with a strong focus on non-confrontational dispute resolution.

We have more than 20 years’ experience specialising in all areas of family law and divorce law. Our team have particular expertise in handling complex and high value financial settlements, as well as all aspects of international divorce and same-sex family law matters.

Our lawyers are experts in alternative family dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative law. We can usually resolve even the most challenging divorce and family law matters without the need for court proceedings.

Crisp & Co’s Reigate office is part of our growing portfolio of locations across London where you can meet with one of our expert family law solicitors. 

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How to find our divorce and family law solicitors in Reigate.

Our divorce and family law services in Reigate

We have specialist expertise in all aspects of divorce and family law. In particular, we can help you with:

Divorce law

We understand how difficult divorce can be to deal with. That said, we also know that the right legal advice and support from our expert divorce solicitors in Reigate can help to make the process much more straightforward, reducing the strain on you and your family.

Our team will take you through every aspect of divorce, including applications for divorce and civil partnership dissolution, division of finances and child arrangements. We offer high level expertise in some of the most challenging divorce and separation matters, including international divorce, high net worth divorce, same-sex divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships.

Our team have experience in both mediation and collaborative law, meaning we can help you to reduce potential disputes when in the process of ending your relationship. This not only helps to make getting divorce less stressful, it is also usually faster and less expensive than court processes.

Child law

Legal issues involving your children are often emotionally sensitive, which means that it is critical to get the right help. Our expert team of child law solicitors in Reigate can offer friendly, practical support to find the right solution for you and your children.

We understand that the happiness of your child is likely your top priority. Because of this, several members of our team are fully trained in collaborative law to ensure that decisions are made together and with minimal disputes. This can help to reduce stress and support you to secure your future.

Our expertise with child law matters includes everything from child arrangements following separation, child maintenance and parental responsibility, to grandparents’ rights and parental alienation.

Cohabitation agreements

It is increasingly common for couples to live together without being married. However, many people fail to realise that there are limited legal protections for this arrangement if the relationship ends.

This could mean that you have no right to stay in your shared home following a separation if it belongs to your partner. It could also mean that any property you own together will be evenly divided, no matter how much each of you contributed towards it.

If you need help crafting an agreement, our cohabitation solicitors in Reigate can provide the clear, practical legal advice required to ensure every detail is taken care of. With our support, you can be sure that an agreement will be in place that is tailored to your needs. We can also support with same-sex cohabitation agreements.

A cohabitation agreement can cover matters such as how the mortgage and bills will be split. It is also likely to include what share of the property each of you owns and what will happen if you separate. By having a clear cohabitation agreement in place, you can protect your interests and avoid any costly legal expenses should the relationship unfortunately break down.

Pre-nuptial agreements

It is common for couples to enter into a marriage with pre-existing assets, including property. This can present a number of complications if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Pre-nuptial agreements, or pre-nups, will set out the financial position of both parties with regard to how the matrimonial pot would be split in the event of separation further down the line.

Our pre-nuptial agreements solicitors in Reigate can work alongside you to create a legally robust pre-nup that gives you and your partner peace of mind for the future. We understand how sensitive these matters can be, and so we always take a friendly, practical approach. Our solicitors will ensure that the right protections are put in place while avoiding any potential for a negative impact on your relationship.

A pre-nuptial agreement can be especially useful for high net worth individuals, providing improved security and helping them to protect their finances in the event of a divorce. Equally, business owners and others with additional assets they’d like to protect are advised to seek financial protection using a pre-nup.

In Reigate, we also specialise in similar provisions, including post-nuptial agreements and pre-registration agreements for civil partnerships.

Family dispute resolution

Family disputes can be highly complex and occasionally have the potential to cause long-term rifts within the wider family unit. To avoid this becoming an issue, it is important to handle these matters carefully and diligently.

Our team have particular expertise in alternative family dispute resolution. This means that we can usually find a way forward without the need for court action, which can save you time and money while making your life much easier.

Our family dispute resolution solicitors in Reigate have specialist training in family mediation and collaborative law. Both of these methods are forms of alternative family dispute resolution. This can be highly effective for resolving family conflicts amicably, allowing you to minimise the emotional fallout and quickly achieve your desired outcome.

Alternative dispute resolution can also help you to avoid going to court, which often furthers disputes, causing more stress and unrest within a family.

Fertility law

Making the decision to start or add to your family through any form of fertility treatment is something that should not be taken lightly. While this will no doubt be an exciting time, there are several important legal considerations to make.

Our fertility lawyers in Reigate can assist with matters including embryo donation and adoption, sperm donor agreements and surrogacy advice.

Domestic violence

If you or your children have experienced domestic abuse, whether physical, verbal, financial, sexual or emotional, our lawyers can take immediate practical steps to keep you safe. Domestic violence is always serious, so please be assured that we will be understanding and supportive throughout.

Our team of domestic violence solicitors in Reigate can help you with matters like applying for court orders to prevent your abuser from contacting you or your children and forcing them to leave your shared home.

Additionally, we can help you to ensure your abusive situation is in your past by guiding you to services that can give you the support you need.

Local resources for divorce and family law in Reigate

East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services

East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services is a charity that offers outreach services to those across Banstead and Reigate. This independent charity can give guidance on issues such as housing and children, as well as confidential listening.

Croydon County Court and Family Court

Croydon County Court and Family Court is the nearest court for people in Reigate dealing with matters including divorce, childcare arrangements, adoption and domestic abuse.

How to find our divorce and family law solicitors in Reigate

Our office in Reigate is conveniently located a short three-minute walk from Reigate train station.

There are a number of bus route close by, the nearest bus stop is served by buses such as the 420, 460, 669 and 820.

If you choose to travel to our office by car, the closest car parks are Upper West St Car Park, a six-minute walk from our office, or Castlefield Road parking, which is only 4 minutes away.

You can plan your journey to our solicitors in Reigate using Google Maps.

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