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Family Law Solicitors in Hammersmith

Our expert family law solicitors in Hammersmith are here for you

Crisp & Co’s specialist family law solicitors in Hammersmith can advise on a wide range of family law matters, supporting people in Hammersmith, the rest of London and the wider South East area.

Established in 1996, the Crisp & Co team have decades of experience assisting clients with a wide range of family law matters, including cohabitation, separation, divorce and more.

Our family law solicitors are dedicated experts who always strive to achieve the most efficient and stress-free resolution for our clients. The team will deliver pragmatic advice and sensitive guidance throughout. We believe in collaborative approaches to family law matters and offer a mediation service.

From our Hammersmith meeting rooms we serve the west of London using our specialist skills and knowledge across all areas of family law matters.

Crisp & Co’s Hammersmith office is part of our growing portfolio of locations across London where you can meet with one of our expert family law solicitors. 

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Our divorce and family law services in Hammersmith

Our expertise includes:

We provide an unrivalled personal service which is designed to help you approach your family law matter with confidence, no matter what it may involve.

Our team will, where possible, encourage you to find amicable solutions to help resolve the matter you are facing. That said, where necessary, we can guide you towards achieving a solution that is in your best interests via court proceedings.

Divorce law

Divorce can be an upsetting situation to face, particularly for those who have built a life together over many years. Disagreements often arise in relation to children and finances, so taking the right approach to divorce is crucial.

Our team have a wealth of combined expertise assisting clients during these difficult times, providing effective advice to allow for a smooth process.

Our divorce solicitors in Hammersmith will handle all matters, including divorce applications (for both applicants and respondents), the division of finances and child arrangements. Where you need help with more complex matters, you are in safe hands as we have extensive experience with matters such as international divorce, high net worth divorce, same-sex divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships.

Our family law team at Crisp & Co encourage clients to seek amicable approaches to divorce matters. Many members of the team are trained in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, including mediation and collaborative law.

Such methods are often less time-consuming, as well as being quicker than court litigation. However, should court proceedings be more appropriate, our team have the experience to assist.

Child law

What happens to your children, including their safety and wellbeing, is crucial. Disputes concerning your children can be daunting and stress-inducing, which is why it’s vital to seek the guidance of a legal professional.

Our child law solicitors in Hammersmith understand the complexity such disputes can involve and strive to sensitively support clients through these challenging times. We aim for stress-free solutions, encouraging clients to seek tactical out-of-court approaches while ensuring that your child’s best interests are at the core of what we do.

We can additionally offer assistance with other child law matters, such as adoption and surrogacy.

Our team can help with a variety of child law matters, including those that arise during divorce, separation and dissolution. Our expertise covers child arrangements on separation, including maintenance and parental responsibility. We can also assist with matters that require a high level of specialist expertise, including adoption, grandparents’ rights and parental alienation.

Cohabitation agreements

It can be exciting to move in with your partner, but it’s essential to recognise that unmarried couples do not have the same legal rights as married couples. In the event of a relationship break down, this can cause an array of issues, particularly concerning co-owned assets.

A cohabitation agreement can be used to protect your interests in the event of separation. The agreement will set out a number of details, including each party’s personal assets and any co-owned assets. The agreement should also cover how bills and mortgage or rent payments will be handled if you should separate.

Our cohabitation agreements solicitors in Hammersmith can assist with drafting an effective cohabitation agreement, ensuring that it’s correctly done, so that any potential problems are sidestepped. Our lawyers will help you to clearly set out your financial position and assist you to negotiate your needs along with those of your partner. We can also support with same-sex cohabitation agreements.

Pre-nuptial agreements

It can feel daunting to suggest a pre-nuptial agreement before marrying or entering a civil partnership. Regardless, doing so protects you should the relationship not work out further down the line. Anyone who is married or in a civil partnership is financially linked to their spouse/partner. Due to this, it’s important to take steps to protect your finances from a potential divorce or dissolution.

During marriage or civil partnership, there are often many things people wish to protect, particularly if they have a substantial amount of wealth, own a business or if they have children from a previous marriage.

A pre-nuptial agreement can provide a safety net to protect your personal finances in the event of a divorce or dissolution. For a pre-nuptial agreement to be valid, it is necessary that it is drafted and created at least 28 days prior to the marriage/civil partnership ceremony, that all finances are disclosed and that both parties have sought independent legal advice.

The agreement will set out a number of crucial aspects, including each party’s personal financial position and shared assets, as well as how assets would be divided should divorce or dissolution occur.

Our pre-nuptial agreement solicitors in Hammersmith can guide you through drafting a pre-nuptial agreement, ensuring that you understand your rights and that your best interests are protected. Should negotiations be necessary, our solicitors can assist in finding an amicable agreement and prevent conflict from arising. 

Our solicitors near Hammersmith can also provide guidance with post-nuptial agreements where you are already married or in a civil partnership.

Family dispute resolution

Family disputes can often be emotionally charged and upsetting for all involved. Speaking to a solicitor in such a situation is essential.

At Crisp & Co, our family dispute resolution solicitors in Hammersmith have assisted many clients over the years in all types of matters, including those more complex. Our team believe in pursuing amicable approaches to family issues through strategic out-of-court methods, including mediation which is often quicker and more cost-effective.

Our team of family law solicitors include several trained collaborative lawyers and mediation experts. With the assistance of the Crisp & Co team, you can be certain to receive quality service, with clear advice and hands-on guidance you can trust.

Fertility law

Undergoing any type of fertility treatment is a hugely significant decision and comes with its own set of legal complications. This is where our experienced fertility law solicitors in Hammersmith can step in to advise you.

Our team can support you no matter how you intend to start or add to your family, providing bespoke advice on a wide range of issues.

We have particular expertise in embryo donation and adoption, sperm donor agreements and surrogacy advice.

Domestic violence

In some situations, individuals may be unaware that what they’re suffering is a form of domestic violence. Should you or a loved one be experiencing domestic violence, it’s important to be aware of your legal rights and the protections available.

Our family law team in Hammersmith recognise different types of abuse and can advise you of your position, as well as providing specialist knowledge to support you during this challenging time.

Our domestic violence solicitors in Hammersmith will provide the utmost sensitivity and support you through applying for court orders, including for the removal of your abuser and to prevent them from coming into close proximity to you.

We also have strong relationships with domestic violence support services and can point you in the right direction.

Local resources for divorce and family law in Hammersmith

Wandsworth County Court and Family Court

Wandsworth County Court and Family Court hears cases on childcare arrangements and domestic abuse for people in Hammersmith. It is located 2.5 miles from our Hammersmith office.

Citizens Advice Hammersmith and Fulham

Citizens Advice Hammersmith and Fulham is the local citizens advice service for people in Hammersmith. It delivers free, independent, confidential and impartial advice on all types of family matters, including helpful information and guidance to support you.

How to find our divorce and family law solicitors in Hammersmith

Our meeting rooms in Hammersmith serve the west of London and is easily reached by tube, car or bus from Richmond, Kingston-upon-Thames, Hounslow, Brentford and Wembley. Located just over a mile from the end of the M4, reaching Hammersmith by car is simple too; whilst those taking the train should be able to reach us on the District line and Piccadilly line.

You can plan your journey to our solicitors in Hammersmith using Google Maps.

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