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Ex-partner is making false allegations - What should I do?

  • Posted

When an ex-partner makes false allegations, it can be easy to become distressed and overwhelmed. In particular, false allegations in family court or during a divorce can be damaging and have real-life consequences unless handled with care. It’s...

What is a child arrangements order?

  • Posted

If you are going through a divorce or separation, making the right arrangements for your children is likely to be a major concern. A child arrangements order will set out the way in which a range of parenting issues will be dealt with, providing a level of...

Who pays the solicitors' fees in a divorce?

  • Posted

If you are facing a divorce, you may have concerns over the payment of your legal fees. We take a look at who pays the costs of a divorce and what likely expenses you might incur. When you divorce, there are different aspects that will need to be dealt...

Can I Legally Stop My Ex Introducing A New Partner To My Child?

  • Posted

The short answer is, yes, you may potentially be able to stop your ex-partner from introducing your child to their new partner. However, what you need to understand is that this will only normally be possible if there is a good reason related to your...

Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) Hearings: What to expect

  • Posted

The purpose of a Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) hearing is to help parties going through a divorce or civil partnership dissolution to reach a mutual agreement about their finances.  Parties going through a divorce or civil partnership dissolution...

Expert Answers UK's Most Commonly Asked Surrogacy Questions for National Surrogacy Week

  • Posted

In light of National Surrogacy Week 2023, Anuradha Kurl, partner and solicitor at Crisp & Co, has answered the most commonly searched surrogacy questions in the UK. In 2019, National Surrogacy Week, 1 st -7 th August 2023, was established to increase...

Can a mother stop a father from seeing his child in the UK?

  • Posted

If you are going through a divorce or separation, you may be wondering what fathers’ rights in the UK are and whether a mother can prevent a father from spending time with their child. We take a look at dads’ rights and whether there are ever any...

Law Commission releases new proposals to overhaul surrogacy laws

  • Posted

Today the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission have announced joint proposals for the Government to overhaul surrogacy laws. The report highlights that a more progressive stance should be taken towards Surrogacy and...

The Spring Budget's affect on pensions in divorce settlements

  • Posted

In yesterday’s budget, the government have announced changes to pensions, the first being the annual allowance (the most you can save into your pension pot in any tax year) has increased from £40,000 to £60,000. As well as this, the...

Partnership Announcement

  • Posted

We are delighted to announce the appointment of 3 new partners to Crisp & Co from our talented senior associate team. Our new partners as of 1 st March 2023 are Jenine Imms, Anuradha Kurl and Elaine Morrison. The new partners have all shown...

Expert Answers LGBT+ Legal Queries for LGBT History Month

  • Posted

Associate Solicitor at Crisp & Co, Maryana Tuka, answers family law queries with a focus on the LGBT+ experience, for LGBT History Month in February. LGBT History Month is an annual month-long celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender...

Elaine Morrison is featured expert on Made By Mammas Podcast

  • Posted

Elaine Morrison recently joined Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton on the  Made By Mammas Podcast . During the episode Elaine answers listeners' questions on prenuptial agreements, the concept of "birdnesting", amicable separations and so...

A Day in the Life of a Trainee Solicitor at Crisp & Co.

  • Posted

I am Charlotte Creighton, a Trainee Solicitor at Crisp & Co. I hope this brief blog will give some insight into the process of becoming a qualified Solicitor and the life of a Trainee Solicitor in a Family Law Firm . I began my legal journey at...

Crisp & Co are members of The Surrogacy Network

  • Posted

The Surrogacy Network brings multi-disciplinary organisations, including fertility clinics, surrogacy and family law legal experts, fertility counsellors, surrogacy advocates, organisations and charities, researchers and healthcare professionals. Membership...

London Legal Walk 2021

  • Posted

Crisp & Co are taking on 10k on Monday 18 October in support of frontline free legal advice services. We are walking with the Lord Chief Justice and thousands of lawyers to raise funds for the London Legal Support Trust which funds Law Centres and pro...

A Day in the Life of... a Trainee Solicitor

Nhu Vo
  • Posted
  • Author

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Trainee Solicitor? Training to become a solicitor takes years of hard work and studying as well as experiencing how a real-life law firm operates on a daily basis. In this blog our two Trainees, Laura...

A Day in the Life of... an Associate Solicitor

Anu Kurl
  • Posted
  • Author

Have you ever wondered what your family law solicitor gets up to day to day? Do they spend all day rushing from court hearing to court hearing or is it all office work? Actually, it’s a bit of a mix of everything; some drafting, some court work, and...