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Our Fees and Paying for Our Service

Our Fees and Paying for Our Service

Solicitors and lawyers have a reputation for having very expensive fees.  At Crisp & Co we have always sought to provide our clients with expert advice in all aspects of family law at a reasonable price that is highly competitive.

We believe that our fees offer excellent value for money.  We offer virtual initial consultations, during which we will consider the issues involved and provide you with an initial estimate of your overall costs, based on your particular situation.

We understand that it is important that you know how your legal fees are calculated and how much the process is likely to cost you; we are committed to providing our clients with regular information regarding overall fee estimates so that you are able to budget for these and take the costs of legal representation and advice into account when considering settlements or the benefits or taking legal steps.

Family Law legal fees are not subject to the Solicitor Regulation Authority’s price transparency rules as each case is unique and it is impossible to estimate fees without a full understanding of the issues to be addressed in each family’s particular circumstances.  We are however committed to providing as much information on fees as possible to our clients throughout our involvement in your case.

Our fees are charged on an hourly rate, the rate you pay will depend on the lawyer who is dealing with your case, and the level of their experience and expertise.  We always pair you with the lawyer who has the expertise appropriate to your particular circumstances and who provides you with the best value for money. 

In addition to our fees you will probably be subject to charges for expenses, which solicitors refer to as disbursements.  These will usually be for things like Court fees (for example to formally start matrimonial proceedings), a search at the Land Registry (to establish formal ownership of property) or for a barrister’s advice or representation (typically needed in more complex cases).  Our fee estimates will always take account of disbursements and any VAT so that there are no ‘hidden’ or unexpected fees.

We always provide our clients with detailed information about what their likely expenses will be from the very outset.  If unanticipated expenses arise, we always obtain a quote or detailed estimate in advance of that expense arising.  We firmly believe that our clients should be in control of their legal fees.

As well as providing our clients with a cost estimate from the outset we also provide ongoing fees advice usually on a monthly basis, so you always know where you stand in regard to legal fees.

At Crisp & Co we provide our clients with clear advice on all the options available to fund payment of legal fees and indeed the options available without conventional legal representation for example, via charitable/pro bono and not for profit organisations, seeking the help of a ‘Mackenzie Friend’ and acting  without a formally appointed lawyer as a ‘Litigant in Person.’