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Family Law

Family Law Solicitors in London

A family is, for many people, the centre of their lives. So, if conflicts arise, or things change, it is natural for matters to become emotional and complex.

If this is something you’re going through, then you’re bound to have a host of questions that need answering; you’ll be uncertain about all sorts of things and will need reassuring, and most importantly, you’ll want to know how best to move forward so that you and anyone who is dependent on you can feel secure and taken care of.

Family law is the term that covers everything concerning family related matters: from living together arrangements and pre-nuptial agreements through to divorce, civil partnership dissolution, as well as money and children issues.

Family law solicitors will usually specialise in one or more of these particular areas and will be able to provide in-depth knowledge and expert advice based on precisely what you are going through.

Specialist Expertise in all areas of Family Law

At Crisp & Co, our family law solicitors in London offer specialist expertise in a wide range of areas of family law, an introduction to all of which you will find as you read on. This expertise is delivered by experienced solicitors who all share the same goal of providing those they represent, with a secure outcome that is beneficial for them and their families.

As far as we can, we aim for a harmonious outcome courtesy of a non-confrontational approach, employing methods such as collaborative law and mediation. Wherever possible, we will avoid taking matters through the courts. This is a far better route for families, because not only does it avoid lengthy and potentially expensive processes, but it also helps to achieve an amicable and fair agreement.

Across our 12 London offices, you will find exceptional expertise at reasonable and competitive prices. If you are seeking advice on any aspect of family law or would simply like to discuss a family related legal matter, there’s a central number you can call, which is 020 3613 3505.

Our Family Law Services

There are various aspects to family law. Whether you’re at the beginning of a relationship and planning for your future, or a partnership has unfortunately come to an end and you need guidance to protect your interests and those of any children involved, you will find the help you need amongst the experienced family law specialists at Crisp & Co.


If your relationship has come to an end and you are seeking closure so that you are free to move on, a divorce is the only way to legally end your marriage. Many people believe that divorce means having to go to court, but in fact, it is unlikely that you’ll need to do so.

At Crisp & Co, our family law solicitors in London work to the Resolution Family Law Group protocol, which means they make every effort to minimise the emotional anguish that divorce can bring to all members of the family. Our family lawyers also support mediation and collaborative law processes, which are aimed at reducing conflict and keeping discussions non-confrontational. We pride ourselves on reaching amicable resolutions wherever possible.

We understand that family law matters, particularly divorce, can be difficult to navigate. With the help of our solicitors, you’ll minimise stress as far as possible.

To discover how our divorce solicitors can help you, and for answers to many of the most commonly asked questions on divorce, please visit our dedicated divorce page.

Divorce and Finance

Uncertainty is one of the most upsetting aspects of divorce or civil partnership dissolution, particularly where finances are concerned. Disputes often arise when it comes to the splitting of financial assets, which is why at Crisp & Co, our divorce specialists do all they can to keep everything straightforward, aiming to help you reach a fair agreement with the least possible fuss so that you can get your life back on track.

You’ll be presented with practical and strategic solutions that will give you the stability you need, particularly if children are involved. You’ll also benefit from the guidance of our expert financial negotiators who are qualified in all aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including mediation.

You can learn more about how our divorce finance solicitors can assist you on our dedicated divorce and finance page, where you’ll also find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

Alternatively, you can book an initial consultation, to access tailor-fit family legal advice today.


The welfare of your children is naturally going to be the most important thing on your mind if you are going through any sort of family problems. Relationship breakdowns can be extremely challenging times for children, and the decisions that are made will be some of the most important you’ll ever make.

At our family law firm in London, we have specialist child law solicitors on hand to help you make those decisions. Their priority is to ensure the best possible outcome for the children, whatever the circumstances.

Whether you need advice on visitation rights, financial arrangements, or parental influence over key decisions in the child’s life, you’ll find our child law solicitors will guide you along the most peaceful route possible. It is our goal to provide family law advice to help you put your child’s best interests first.

Working with a family law specialist is the best way to ensure that your needs are prioritised and that you achieve a best-case scenario outcome for your situation.

There is further information on child law on our dedicated children page, where you’ll also be able to learn more about how our child law solicitors are able to help you.

Collaborative Family Law

When a decision has been made to end a marriage or civil partnership, financial concerns will often take over. Something that is very much on the mind of separating couples is how they will be able to afford the fees involved.

Fortunately, the traditional approach to divorce is not the only one available; there are alternatives, including collaborative law. This is becoming an increasingly preferred method of reaching an agreement on crucial issues in a calm and collected atmosphere.

Collaborative family law is particularly helpful for couples with children who are seeking to reach an amicable outcome. Not only does it save time, but it also keeps costs down because there is no need for court visits.

If you would like to explore the option of collaborative law, our expert family law solicitors can assist you.

You can read more about collaborative law on our dedicated page where you’ll also learn how our collaborative family law solicitors in London can assist you.

Domestic Abuse

At Crisp & Co we are able to offer you the reassurance of specialist solicitors with expert training and experience in domestic abuse. Our lawyers have helped many victims to gain protection from future harm and take action against those who have harmed them.

Where there is an immediate risk, we will move swiftly to apply for a non-molestation order so that you are legally safeguarded. Whatever the circumstances, we encourage you to take the important step of reporting the incident.

People often have various questions about domestic abuse, and many of the most commonly asked ones can be found on our dedicated domestic abuse page where you’ll also find out more about how we at Crisp & Co can assist you.

International Divorce

Because divorce laws vary from country to country, it can often become confusing for couples living abroad or in separate areas of the world when they decide to divorce. Where there is a choice of which country to commence proceedings in, it is vital to take advice at the very outset, because the law in one country may well be more favourable to you, depending on your individual circumstances.

The division of financial assets is something that varies between different countries, even within the UK, and decisions regarding children can differ too. At Crisp & Co our specialists have extensive experience in guiding individuals through international divorce and use a tactical approach in order to protect your interests within the UK and abroad.

There is a great deal to consider when contemplating an international divorce, and you will find further information on the subject on our dedicated international divorce page, together with details of how our experts can help guide you through the process.


Couples living together do not, unfortunately, share the same rights as married couples or civil partners, regardless of how long they have been together, and whether they have children. If you are considering moving in with someone, our specialist family court solicitors can offer you personalised advice on your rights and obligations, together with guidance on how to protect your interests, for example by setting up a cohabitation agreement.

There is plenty more information on the subject of cohabitation on our dedicated page where you’ll also discover the ways in which we can assist you as a non-married partner.

For more information about cohabitation, and to find out how we could support you, please contact our expert family law solicitors in London.

Money Issues

One of the leading issues surrounding relationship breakdown, divorce or civil partnership dissolution is how the assets and property will be divided. It is absolutely crucial to take expert family law advice at the earliest stage in order to protect your interests and those of your family.

At Crisp & Co, every member of our team possesses specialist knowledge of the financial implications of any type of relationship breakdown and offers extensive experience in achieving beneficial outcomes through practical solutions.

Our family lawyers understand that financial issues can cause anxiety for clients, and will ensure to approach your matters with sensitivity.

You can find out more about financial claims and settlements on divorce by visiting our dedicated divorce and finance page. We’ve also set out more details there about how our London family solicitors are able to assist you in this area.


If you are separating from your partner, spouse, or civil partner, the best possible way to deal with the arrangements that need to be made, is outside of court. With mediation, couples discuss their issues through a trained mediator who ensures the discussion is free from tension.

Mediation is proven to be an effective method of resolving the issues that arise when separating. Not only does it maintain calm between the parties and work towards an amicable outcome, but it also saves a great deal of time and money by avoiding costly court visits.

If you’d like to learn more about mediation and how our family law solicitors in London are able to guide you through your divorce using this process, please visit our dedicated mediation page.

To discuss family law in London today, particularly mediation, please call our dedicated solicitors today. In the event that your legal issues cannot be solved through mediation, our family court lawyers can help with this too.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Whilst pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, pre-cohabitation and pre-civil partnership agreements are not legally binding, they may become so in the future and do already hold significant weight in the courts when certain criteria are met. If you are keen to formally set down how the property and assets you own between you and your partner should be divided should the relationship not last, our experts at Crisp & Co are able to provide you with the specialist advice you need.

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke family law services, including tailor-made prenuptial agreements to suit your needs. Your solicitor will always put your best interests first, and approach your case with sensitivity.

For more information about pre-nups, post-nups and other similar agreements, visit our dedicated pre-nuptial agreements page. You’ll also learn more about how we can assist you.

Same-Sex Relationships

At Crisp & Co, we regularly advise individuals in same-sex relationships on various issues, including living together, pre-nuptial or pre-civil partnership agreements, civil partnership dissolution and divorce. Whatever stage you are at in your relationship, our experts can provide the guidance you need to make the right decisions for you and for anyone who depends on you.

We’ve put together a selection of frequently asked questions about our services for same-sex couples on a dedicated page which we hope you’ll find useful.

Frequently asked questions about family law

What is family law?

Family law encompasses a broad range of legal issues relating to familial relationships and domestic matters. It is a specialised area of law that governs the rights, responsibilities, and obligations within families and addresses various aspects of family life. The primary objective of family law is to protect the interests of individuals involved in familial relationships, promote the well-being of families, and ensure the best interests of children.

Family law covers diverse topics such as marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, domestic abuse, property division, financial support, and parental rights. It sets out the legal framework for establishing and dissolving marriages or civil partnerships, determining child custody arrangements, and resolving disputes regarding child welfare. Family law also deals with issues of child support, visitation rights, and guardianship matters.

The family law system aims to prioritise the welfare of children, considering their best interests as a primary concern. It provides mechanisms for resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, depending on the circumstances. Family courts also play a crucial role in overseeing cases related to family law in London, ensuring fairness and justice in their adjudication.

What do family law solicitors do?

Most local family solicitors can assist with divorce settlements, cohabitation agreements, childcare proceedings, and a whole host of other legal issues around divorce and separation.

These solicitors assist you by explaining your legal rights and advising you on the best solution for your current situation. They also represent you in any formal legal proceedings, including family court, and negotiate the best outcome for you and your family.

They provide advice, guidance, and representation in areas such as divorce, child custody, adoption, domestic abuse, and property division.

Family solicitors assist clients in understanding their rights, navigating legal processes, and making informed decisions. They handle negotiations, mediations, and court proceedings, advocating for their clients' best interests.

Family law solicitors also offer emotional support, ensuring that clients' concerns are heard and addressed. Their expertise and knowledge of family law enable them to provide tailored solutions and help individuals and families navigate complex legal situations.

If you require assistance today, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our family law solicitors in London.

Should I work with solicitors who specialise in family law?

Working with solicitors who specialise in family law can be highly beneficial and advisable in many situations. Family law is a complex and sensitive area of legal practice, and having the expertise of experienced specialist family law solicitors can greatly assist you in navigating through the legal processes and achieving the best possible outcome.

One of the key advantages of working with specialised family solicitors is their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of family law. They stay up to date with the latest developments and legal precedents, ensuring that they can provide you with accurate advice tailored to your specific circumstances. They can help you understand your rights, obligations, and legal options, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Family law solicitors also possess the necessary skills to handle negotiations, mediation, or court proceedings effectively. They can advocate on your behalf, ensuring your interests are protected and promoting fair resolutions. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, child custody matter, adoption, or any other family law issue, specialised solicitors can provide guidance, support, and representation throughout the process.

To access specialist family law advice today, our experts at Crisp & Co will be more than happy to help.

Are there benefits to working with a local family law firm?

There are several benefits to working with a local family law firm in London. Choosing a local firm can provide you with distinct advantages that enhance your experience and improve the outcome of your case.

A local family law firm is likely to have a deep understanding of the local legal landscape in London and the specific practices and procedures followed in the area. They are familiar with the local courts, judges, and opposing counsel, which can give them valuable insights and strategic advantages when representing your case.

Proximity matters when it comes to effective communication and accessibility. Working with a local firm allows for face-to-face meetings, which can be crucial for building rapport and discussing sensitive matters. It also ensures that your solicitors are easily reachable, minimising delays and enabling prompt responses to your queries or concerns.

Local family law firms also have strong connections within the London community. They may have established relationships with other professionals, such as mediators, counsellors, or financial experts, who can provide additional support and resources during your case.

Do I need a solicitor for family court?

While it is usually helpful to receive legal advice and representation from expert family solicitors when you attend family court, it is not a requirement.

You can make an application as a ‘litigant in person’ and attend family court yourself without legal representation.

That said, we would always recommend having an experienced family law solicitor advise and represent you as this helps to ensure you fully understand the relevant laws and the legal processes involved and can significantly increase your chances of a positive outcome.

Family court cases can be complex, emotionally charged, and have long-term consequences.

Solicitors specialised in family law possess the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to navigate the legal process effectively, protect your rights, and advocate for your best interests.

They can provide you with expert advice, guide you through the court proceedings, assist with document preparation, and present your case persuasively. Having a solicitor can significantly increase your chances of achieving a favourable outcome and ensure that your voice is heard in the family court.

How much do family law solicitors charge?

Depending on how experienced the lawyer is and how complicated the case is, the fees charged by a family law solicitor can vary significantly. There is also a difference between what family lawyers in London charge versus solicitors in smaller cities and towns.

Many family lawyers charge an hourly rate for their work whereas others offer their services on a fixed-fee basis. Either way, the law firm you choose should provide you with an estimate of expected fees before you instruct them.

It is important to discuss the fee structure and obtain a clear estimate or agreement of costs from the solicitor at the outset to ensure transparency and avoid any surprises. Some individuals may also be eligible for legal aid, which provides financial support for those who meet specific criteria.

The Help You Need, from Experienced, Respected Family Law Specialists

Whatever family or relationship difficulties you are facing, our London family law firm is readily available to assist with specialist advice across all aspects of family law in London. Our fees are reasonable and competitive and you’ll find them fully transparent, i.e. no hidden costs or surprises.

We offer a convenient local family law service for clients across London - take a look at the list of areas we cover.

For a consultation, please give us a call on 020 3613 3505.