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Divorce & Family Law Solicitors in Richmond

Our expert divorce and family law solicitors in Richmond can provide outstanding support, no matter the complexity of your legal matter. Since our founding in 1996, we’ve been helping the community with their family law needs, always ensuring to tailor our advice to your situation.

We appreciate that family law topics can be sensitive, particularly where there is conflict between ex-partners, and disagreements involving children. Thankfully, you can trust our team at Crisp & Co to deal with your case with empathy and respect.

At Crisp and Co, we focus on first attempting out of court processes to resolve your matter, whether mediation or collaborative law. These methods can save the time, cost and stress of going to court. However, where going to court is necessary, rest assured we can support you every step of the way.

You can arrange an appointment to discuss your legal requirements with one of our specialist solicitors or request a quote by calling us on 01748 462002. Alternatively, you can email or by using the enquiry form below to request a call back.

Our divorce and family law services in Richmond

Divorce law

Getting a divorce can be an incredibly challenging life experience, with so many emotions to process and difficult conversations to have. On top of the impact on your personal life, there are many practical tasks to arrange, from finances and property, to living arrangements for any children.

With the support of our expert family law solicitors, you can allow for a smoother transition for all involved.

Our divorce solicitors in Richmond will handle all matters, including:

  • Making the divorce application, or responding to a divorce application
  • Support through the divorce process, from obtaining the Conditional Order to obtaining the Final Order
  • Helping you negotiate a financial settlement with your former partner
  • Helping you agree arrangements for children with your former partner

Our solicitors for divorce have skilled expertise in international divorce and high net worth divorce.

To learn more, please contact our family law solicitors in Richmond.

Divorce and finances

Our divorce solicitors in Richmond can offer expert support with divorce and finances, supporting you to safeguard your finances, and achieve a best case scenario outcome in the circumstances.

The divorce and finances areas that we can assist with in particular include:

  • Reaching a voluntary financial settlement out of Court where possible
  • Obtaining a Financial Order if necessary
  • Obtaining a Clean Break Order, to protect one’s finances now and in the future
  • Specialist advice related to divorce and pensions
  • Support through Court proceedings where the situation requires this

Child Law

Legal matters involving children can be emotionally tense, particularly in the aftermath of a divorce or separation. Naturally, you’ll be worried about what impact a dispute could have on your children.

When you instruct the Crisp & Co family law solicitors, we will provide empathetic advice and close personal support, ensuring to put your children’s best interests first.

Our child law solicitors in Richmond can assist with a wide range of child law matters, including those arising from divorce, separation and dissolution. Our expertise includes the following:

Cohabitation agreements

Moving in with your partner is an exciting milestone, but many couples do not realise that cohabitees do not have the same legal protections as married couples.

Where a cohabiting couple split up, it can be difficult to untangle their finances and make arrangements for any children. The lack of legal protection only makes these matters more complicated.

A cohabitation agreement, sometimes known as a living together agreement, can provide legal protection for cohabiting couples. These agreements are used to set out each party’s finances, including assets, bills, debts and so on. The agreement is used to establish financial ownership and responsibilities, both while the couple are together, and in the event that they split up.

Our expert cohabitation solicitors in Richmond can guide you through the process of drafting a robust cohabitation agreement which clearly sets out your financial position and offers you financial protection.

To discuss your cohabitation agreement today, contact our family law solicitors in Richmond.

Pre-nuptial agreements

When you marry or enter into a civil partnership, this links you financially with your spouse or civil partner. In the event of a divorce, your combined assets will be taken into consideration during the divorce financial settlement, even assets acquired prior to the marriage and in your own name.

Where individuals have assets that they would like to protect, in the event of divorce or dissolution, a prenuptial agreement is well recommended. In a pre-nuptial agreement, each party will make known their financial position and how these assets would be split in the event of divorce or dissolution.

Our family law solicitors can assist you to create a prenuptial agreement that protects your assets. We can help you and your partner to negotiate matters in a sensitive manner, avoiding any tension.

Should you already be married but wish to protect your assets in the event of divorce, our family law solicitors in Richmond can guide you through the process of drafting a post-nuptial agreement.

Family Dispute Resolution

Disputes in relation to family matters can become both emotional and contentious, causing much disruption to the lives of those involved.

Our family dispute resolution solicitors in Richmond have substantial expertise in navigating families through a wide range of complex disputes. For instance, those involving finances and child arrangements.

The Crisp & Co family law team includes several trained collaborative lawyers and mediation specialists, all of whom have outstanding expertise in helping families through challenging situations. We favour alternative dispute resolution methods as these tend to be more cost effective and amicable in comparison to court proceedings.

Our divorce solicitors have much expertise in family disputes, and equally, ample experience working with families to resolve non-divorce related matters.

For more information about resolving family disputes, please contact our expert family law solicitors in Richmond.

Fertility law

At Crisp and Co, our expert family law solicitors can help clients with a range of fertility law based matters. Areas that we can support with specifically include.

  • Legal guidance on surrogacy law and support to create surrogacy agreements
  • Assistance to access a Parental Order, (for surrogate parents)
  • Legal advice concerning assisted reproduction and artificial insemination, including IVF, IUI and donor insemination

Domestic abuse

Suffering domestic abuse is a traumatic experience, and we know that reaching out for help isn’t always easy. If these are unfortunately your circumstances, it is vital that you receive the help you need to keep you safe.

Our team at Crisp and Co have much experience working on domestic abuse cases. We can assure you that you will feel listened to and respected, and that your situation will be dealt with as sensitively as possible.

There are various legal protections that we can put in place to safeguard those experiencing domestic abuse, these include:

  • Non Molestation Orders
  • Occupation Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders

If this is your situation and you need help, please get in touch with our specialist solicitors in Richmond today.

Local resources for divorce and family law in Richmond

Wandsworth County Court and Family Court

The Wandsworth County Court handles a range of family law cases, including childcare arrangements and domestic violence cases.

Citizens Advice Richmond

Located in Richmond, citizens advice provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice on all types of family matters.

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