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Our expert family law solicitors in Camden are here for you

Crisp & Co’s expert family solicitors in Camden provide a full range of family law services to people in Camden, as well as throughout South West London and Surrey.

Since opening our first offices in 1996, our family law solicitors have been committed to supporting individuals, couples and families in London and the South East, as well as nationwide and internationally. Our goal is to provide bespoke, effective and affordable advice to resolve even the most complex family law matters.

Crisp & Co’s Camden office is part of our growing portfolio of locations across London where you can meet with one of our expert family law solicitors. 

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How to find our divorce and family law solicitors in Camden.

Our divorce and family law services in Camden

We have specialist expertise in all aspects of divorce and family law. In particular, we can help you with:

Our team provide an unrivalled personal service to help you navigate the most difficult aspects of the family law issues you are dealing with. We can offer sympathetic advice, expert guidance, collaborative solutions and court representation where required.

If possible, we will always encourage you and your former partner to engage in a constructive process to any disagreements you are facing, allowing you to achieve a satisfactory and affordable outcome.

In recent years, Crisp & Co has established itself as one of the most highly regarded and respected firms of divorce and family law solicitors in London and the South East and is building a presence in Bath, Bristol and Manchester.

Divorce law

Going through a divorce can be incredibly stressful, time consuming and emotionally draining. A relationship breakdown can result in huge changes in your daily life, which can be quite daunting.  With the help of our divorce solicitors in Camden you can be confident that your needs will be taken care of.

Our team can support you with various issues such as making and responding to divorce applications, as well as dividing your finances and making arrangements for children.

Our solicitors for divorce have skilled expertise in international divorce, high net worth divorce, same-sex divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships.

Additionally, our team is trained and ready to guide you through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or collaborative law. This can help to ensure that there are minimal disputes during your divorce and that matters are handled as amicably as possible. However, if court proceedings are required, we have extensive skills and a strong track record.

We understand how challenging a divorce can be and will always aim to ensure it is handled as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is always to limit the amount of stress during the divorce processes.

Child law

Any legal matter involving your children will be incredibly sensitive. When it comes to children law, we understand just how important it is to handle matters with care and compassion.

We can help to ensure that your children’s welfare is being put first, protecting their interests and ensuring the best outcome for your family situation.

Our child law solicitors in Camden can provide support on a wide range of matters, including those that arise from divorce, separation and dissolution. Our expertise includes common matters, such as child arrangements and maintenance, as well as more specialist matters, such as grandparents’ rights, parental alienation and Prohibited Steps Orders.

Cohabitation agreements

For couples that live together but who are not married, there is limited legal protection in place if the relationship comes to an end. This can mean that any property owned by both individuals will be divided exactly in half in the event of a separation, no matter how much each person actually contributed to the property.

A cohabitation agreement can prevent outcomes like these and ensure that your assets are protected whether you are married or not. This agreement allows both parties to determine exactly what would happen in the event of the breakdown of the relationship, including who would be entitled to any financial assets you possess jointly or individually.

In the best-case scenario, a cohabitation agreement will never need to be relied on. However, having one in place can help you feel confident and prepared for the future.

Our cohabitation agreement solicitors in Camden understand that making this type of agreement can be difficult. Rest assured, we can help couples to draft an agreement sensitively, while avoiding conflict. This also includes advising same-sex couples on cohabitation agreements.

Pre-nuptial agreements

When you enter into a marriage or civil partnership, your assets will be shared between you and your spouse. For those getting married later in life, this can be a very significant amount of savings, pension, businesses, property and so on.

In the event that the relationship breaks down, all of your assets are at risk and are likely to be divided between you and your spouse. In order to protect your assets, you will need the assistance of our pre-nuptial agreement solicitors in Camden.

Our team of solicitors can help you and your partner to draft a prenuptial agreement that clearly states the owner of different assets and how you wish these assets to be divided should a divorce or separation occur in the future.

We can do this through amicable methods to ensure that there is no friction in your relationship as a result of a pre-nup.

Additionally, we are able to support you with the creation of a post-nuptial agreement and, if you are in a civil partnership, with a pre-registration agreement.

Family dispute resolution

Disputes within a family can be complex, emotional and cause rifts within the family unit. People are often incredibly passionate about family disputes and, as such, it’s important that issues are handled carefully.

Our family dispute resolution solicitors in Camden have training in resolution methods like mediation and collaborative law to help families to avoid costly and stressful court proceedings. Our focus is on non-confrontational dispute resolution, ensuring that your family has the best chance of resolving any issues amicably.

Through mediation, a trained mediator will discuss the matter with those involved and help you to open a calm discussion. Your mediator will attempt to guide you towards making a decision that everyone is content with.

On the other hand, in collaborative law, an experienced solicitor can help you to negotiate with the other party and their solicitor. Again, this method helps to minimise conflict and find a peaceful way to resolve the issue without needing to go to court.

We can support you in matters like making arrangements for children and handling financial matters, ensuring that these situations are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fertility law

Making the decision to start or add to your family is a hugely exciting one. However, it is important to note that fertility law can be extremely complex. There are likely to be various legal considerations you need to make before committing to such a life-changing decision.

Our fertility law solicitors in Camden can provide advice on various matters, including those related to embryo donation and adoption, sperm donor agreements and surrogacy advice.

Domestic violence

It can be difficult to identify domestic violence, especially if it has been growing slowly over a number of years. Our domestic violence solicitors in Camden are here to support you. We can help you take action immediately to receive the protection you need.

Domestic abuse can come in many forms including physical, financial, sexual, verbal and emotional. If you or your child have experienced any type of domestic abuse, contact our domestic violence solicitors. We can offer the support and guidance you need to remove yourself from the situation.

To ensure that suffering from domestic violence is behind you, our solicitors can also direct you to excellent services for ongoing support.

Local resources for divorce and family law in Camden

Central Family Court

Central Family Court hears cases related to children, divorce and domestic violence for people in Camden and the surrounding area.

Citizens Advice Camden

Citizens Advice Camden is the local Citizens Advice service for people in the area. It is a useful starting point for a range of issues, including finding out more about housing and benefits, which can be affected by family law issues.

How to find our divorce and family law solicitors in Camden

Directions to our Camden office are as follows:

By car – The nearest car park is the Curnock Estate Car Park on Pratt Street, a short walk from our offices. Exit the car park onto Pratt Street and head left until you reach Camden High Street. Turn right into Camden High Street and follow the road until you see Hawley Crescent on your right. Enter Hawley Crescent and our office will then be on your right.

By train – Our Camden office is located conveniently near to Camden Town Underground Station. Simply exit the station into Kentish Town Road, then head left, towards the canal. Take the second left into Hawley Crescent and our offices will be on your left.

Please make contact with us to schedule a meeting and we can give you specific guidance on finding our office and our meeting area.

You can plan your journey to our solicitors in Camden using Google Maps.

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