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Sir Tom Jones Speaks Openly on 58 year Marriage

The iconic Sir Tom Jones OBE this week spoke of the struggles within his 58-year partnership with wife, Linda Jones. In an interview this weekend, the singer says that his wife Linda has ‘lost her spark’ but insists that she is wholeheartedly the ‘love of my life’.

Although Sir Tom maintains that his marriage is ‘solid’ the honest account of his wife’s battles with depression really does show the inevitable struggles that may occur when part of an extraordinary long marriage.

While the singer opened up in his interviews, he mentioned how Linda, who he married at the tender age of 17, has been suffering with depression from a young age. When speaking to the Sunday Times Magazine, he said:

“I’ve realised she’s had depression since she was young. She’s always had a touch of it.”

Sir Tom also commented that while he enjoyed the attention that came with his fame, Linda didn’t.  As of late Linda has become slightly reclusive, preferring to stay indoors, and at home, while Tom continued with his career, both leading rather different lives.

This aside, their marriage as mentioned is very much ‘solid’ and as a couple they enjoy frequent talks over the phone when Sir Tom is away as it brings back wonderful memories of their time together.

Marriage Longevity

According to The Office of National Statistics, there was one marriage every two minutes in England and Wales in 2012. But are these marriages likely to enjoy 58 years of companionship much like Sir Tom Jones?

Unfortunately, the reality is that not every relationship withstands such a long time. Latest findings published by the Office of National Statistics estimate that 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce. It is also estimated that: 34% of marriages are expected to end in divorce by the 20th wedding anniversary.

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