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The Rise of the #DivorceSelfie

With thanks to social media, particularly Instagram and Twitter, the hashtag has found fame alongside its catchy tags. The latest trend is the #DivorceSelfie on Instagram. Couples are posting happy images of themselves celebrating their divorce.

Although for many, divorce is associated with bad feelings and stress, those involved in the #DivorceSelfie phenomenon, the end of their marriage deserves a celebratory selfie!

Is this a positive step forward or marriage mockery?

One answer for the growing trend in the celebratory #DivorceSelfie could be the latest high profile celebrity divorces that have ended amicably.   Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner ended their divorce after 10 years of marriage and still appear to stick to their regular routine as though nothing has changed. Along with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow who after just over 10 years of marriage decided to consciously uncouple. These famous couples are now amongst the growing trend to although separate and divorce, remain friends. 

One common factor in couples remaining friends despite divorcing is the fact that there are children involved. This also ensures that moving forward, co-parenting works in the best way possible. 

This is not the first time that a celebrity divorce has become a trend amongst others couples who decide to divorce. Following the divorce of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, there was a growing trend in aggressive divorce battles in 2008. Then in 2013, following the divorce of Nigella Lawson and businessman Saatchi, there was a growing trend in people requesting ‘quickie’ divorces.

Platonic Parenting

Although the #DivorceSelfie for some may seem insensitive, there is an underlining theme. Many parents are posting the selfie as a united front towards their next steps in co-parenting. Furthermore, many of the individuals within the images talk of how although they have made the decision to divorce, they will continue to be positive role models to their children. In some cases, platonic parenting is mentioned, whereby individuals continue to live together and care for their children although they have divorced.

Legal advice when it comes to divorce

Whether you have made the decision to divorce, or are seeking ways in which you too can amicably end your marriage and are looking for advice on how best to make co-parenting work, we are able to help you. Our team of professionally trained family law solicitors understand that each relationship is different and requires a sensitive approach when it comes to legal advice.

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