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Divorce & Family Law Solicitors in Brighton

Our expert divorce and family law solicitors in Brighton can provide sensitive and proactive support for all manner of legal issues, always focusing on non-confrontational methods such as alternative dispute resolution, where possible.

At Crisp & Co, we have over 20 years’ of experience across all areas of divorce law and family law. Our gifted legal team have much expertise in handling high value and complicated financial settlements, as well as LGBTQIA family law matters and international divorce.

Our Brighton lawyers can assist you with matters such as cohabitation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, children law, and more.

As experts in alternative family dispute resolution, we can guide you through collaborative law, or mediation, depending on your preferences. Most of the time, we can resolve even particularly challenging family law and divorce matters, with no need for Court processes.

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Our divorce and family law services in Brighton

Divorce law

We appreciate that relationship breakdowns and divorce can be extremely stressful, and that, these situations can be far easier when you have the support of an expert family lawyer.

Our divorce solicitors in Brighton can assist you throughout every stage of your divorce, from applying to a divorce, to negotiating a financial settlement, and finalising arrangements for any children. At Crisp and Co we are experts in matters such as LGBTQIA divorceinternational divorce and high net worth divorce.

With extensive training in collaborative law and mediation, our team can support you to reduce the potential of disputes, easing stress where possible, and helping you to avoid expensive and drawn-out Court processes where you can.

Children law

Legal matters concerning your children are often incredibly emotionally challenging, and it’s crucially important that the right decisions are made. Our expert team of child law solicitors in Brighton can provide empathetic guidance. We can ensure that you find a solution that works for you, and above all, puts your children first.

Our children law solicitors in Brighton have experience across all areas of children law, including, child arrangements during separation or divorce, and also matters related to parental responsibility, surrogacy and adoption.

Co-habitation agreements

It is increasingly common place for couples to live together long-term, without ever getting married. When cohabiting for long periods, many couples mistakenly believe that they have similar legal rights to a married couple.

In fact, there are no legal protections in place for cohabiting couples, and consequently, financial and property based disputes are common if such relationships later break down.

To ensure that you protect your interests, our cohabitation solicitors in Brighton can assist you to create a suitable cohabitation agreement. These agreements are used to establish ownership of assets, and how finances will be split, both during the relationship, and if the relationship later breaks down.

For more information, contact our divorce and family law solicitors in Brighton.

Pre-nuptial agreements

If you are preparing to get married, entering into a pre-nuptial agreement is a wise choice, to protect your finances and interests. These agreements are used to establish ownership of assets, and outline how assets will be shared, if the couple were to get divorced later on.

Our prenuptial agreement solicitors in Brighton can assist you to draft a legally sound prenuptial agreement, that reflects your requirements and protects your future.

We appreciate that these matters can often be sensitive, which is why we always take a proactive and friendly approach. Our specialists can help you to get the right protections in place, whilst avoiding tension between you and your partner as far as possible.

In Brighton, we can also provide assistance with post nuptial agreements, as well as pre-registration agreements for civil partnerships.

Family dispute resolution

Family disputes can be incredibly complex, and unless correctly handled, these can become increasingly tense, as well as drawn out and expensive. To avoid negative outcomes such as these, it’s vital to take the right approach for the very beginning. As experts in alternative family dispute resolution, we can generally resolve matters without the need for Court proceedings.

Our family dispute resolution solicitors in Brighton have specialist training in collaborative law and family mediation. Both methods can provide families with the opportunity to resolve disputes whilst keeping stress and conflict escalation to a minimum.

LGBTQIA family law

Our specialist family lawyers at Crisp and Co have worked with LGBTQIA individuals and couples for many years, we assure you that whatever matters you require assistance with we can provide the expert support that you deserve.

Our specialist LGBTQIA family law solicitors in Brighton appreciate that family law issues are often extremely sensitive which is why we provide a service that’s empathetic, straightforward and bespoke.

We can support with all of the matters that a couple might be facing, a few of which include:

  • Divorce and separations
  • Civil partnerships
  • LGBTQIA parenting issues, such as adoption and surrogacy
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Prenuptial agreements

Domestic violence

Experiencing domestic abuse, whether verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, or financial, can leave the victim in an incredibly dangerous place. We appreciate that when you’re experiencing such trauma, it can be immensely hard to reach out for help.

If you are experiencing these distressing circumstances, our solicitors can support you to put practical legal measures in place, to keep you safe, as well as any children you may have.

Our team of domestic violence solicitors in Brighton can assist you to apply for Court Orders, to stop your abuser from getting in contact with you or your children, or forcing them to move out of your shared property.

In addition, our team can help you connect with helpful support organisations, which can help you to process your experiences and move forward.

Local resources in Brighton

Brighton County Court

This location handles matters such as adoption, bankruptcy, childcare arrangements, separation, divorce hearings and domestic abuse.

Citizens Advice Brighton & Hove

The Citizens Advice Bureau is an independent charity where individuals and families can access advice on various matters, including debt and money, family matters, health matters, consumer matters, law and rights, and benefits.

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