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Relationship Red Flags Quiz

Red Flags In A Relationship Quiz

Are you worried you may be in an abusive relationship? Here are the red flags to look out for…

Everyone has arguments or disagrees with their partners from time to time. However, if this starts to become a regular occurrence, or if you feel unsafe around your partner, then it is important to spot the warning signs of domestic abuse and get the support you need.

Domestic abuse is defined as an incident or string of incidents that include degrading, controlling, coercive and violent behaviour. In England and Wales, the police receive over 100 calls relating to domestic abuse every hour.

Abuse in relationships isn’t always easy to notice, and with many abusers, their coercion and manipulation tactics can often manifest slowly and inconspicuously. 

Recognising abuse when you see it is one of the first steps toward helping yourself, or someone you care for, stay safe. If you want to get to know the potential red flags of an abusive relationship, take our Relationship Red Flags Quiz…

Take the Quiz Now - Red Flags In A Relationship

Relationship Red Flags Quiz


Many people in abusive, coercive, or controlling relationships do not recognise their predicament, or may feel unable to escape. Equally, men in abusive relationships may feel embarrassed to seek help or speak out.

If you’d like to seek support regarding your relationship, even if it is to simply speak to a professional to ascertain whether you may be in an abusive or coercive relationship, here are some resources to help:

If you are in immediate danger, please call 999 for emergency services.

If you need help covering your tracks online, head to this useful resource for more information.

If you are in an abusive relationship and require legal protection, advice and recourse, Crisp & Co specialise in domestic abuse cases, helping you and your children to get protection from your abuser.

Get in contact with Crisp & Co Solicitors by calling 0203 857 9885 or heading to our contact page.

Alternatively, if you feel you’ve had enough in your relationship, and this quiz is the final straw, feel free to get in contact with the details above too.

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