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Good Divorce Week 2020 - How We Can Help You Have a Good Divorce

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30 November 2020 marks the start of Resolution’s annual Good Divorce Week. Every year, the family law organisation, Resolution, runs a campaign to raise awareness about an issue close to the hearts of its members.

This year, the focus is on the Resolution Code of Practice which all members follow when providing family law services, such as divorce and children law advice. Resolution also want to highlight how important it is to seek early legal advice when facing a problem to give you the best possible chance of reaching a solution without unnecessary conflict.

We are a specialist family law firm that provides advice to people across the UK and beyond. Our team includes several members of Resolution, including:

What is Resolution?

Resolution is a network of 6,500 family law professionals that connect people with the right family lawyer for them. Resolution members are dedicated to helping people work through relationship breakdown and sorting out the resulting legal issues relating to finances and arrangements for children.

Resolution members are dedicated to upholding the Code of Practice and doing everything possible to help families find positive solutions that work for everyone, particularly any children.

What makes a ‘good divorce’?

With around 2 in 5 marriages ending in divorce nowadays, it’s an experience that many will go through at some point in their lives. People experiencing divorce often feel like they are losing control – the future is uncertain, the divorce process itself can be confusing, and the words and actions of your former partner may be upsetting, frustrating or even infuriating. Without the right advice and support, it can be very easy for divorce disputes to spiral out of control and end up in court – a long, stressful and expensive process.

A ‘good divorce’ is when you and your former partner can overcome the challenges in your way to find a positive solution that works for every member of the family, especially any children.

Over the years, divorce lawyers have become adept at helping families find these solutions with minimal conflict, for example, by using Alternative Dispute Resolution methods such as mediation and collaborative law. By avoiding court or protracted disputes, you can shield yourself and your children from excess stress and trauma, helping you move towards a brighter future much faster.

Why choose our Resolution members for divorce advice?

We provide specialist family law advice to individuals and families across the UK, from London to Bristol and beyond.

Our expert team of divorce solicitors can provide all the advice and emotional support you need to get through the difficult experience of relationship breakdown. We understand the flood of emotions that you may be feeling at the moment – everything from rage to hurt to guilt to relief. These feelings are completely natural and valid, however, there’s no denying that they can sometimes cause issues when trying to sort out divorce related matters, especially where children and money are involved.

Our goal is to help you find a positive resolution despite these challenges. Our team includes five members of Resolution who have committed their careers to keeping divorces and dissolutions out of court, saving their clients substantial time, expense and stress.

When you instruct us, you can expect us:

  • To listen and provide honest advice about your options
  • Not to judge you or your situation
  • To respect you, your views and your concerns
  • To set out all your options in plain, understandable English so you can make the right decisions with confidence
  • To help you work out what is important to you in the long term and explain how you might achieve your goals
  • To provide advice about the financial and emotional costs of pursuing your goals
  • To keep your best interests at heart at all times
  • To work with others to find the best solutions for you
  • To do whatever we can to make the process as smooth and straightforward for you as possible

This is in line with Resolution’s Code of Practice.

We also have a range of other accreditations in recognition of our skills and excellent customer service, including the Law Society Family Law Advanced Accreditation which recognises our ability to handle complex and high value family law matters.

How we can help you have a good divorce

Free initial one hour consultation

We are happy to offer new family law clients a free one hour consultation to discuss your situation, what you want to achieve, and our fees for carrying out the work on your behalf. All you need to do to set up your free divorce consultation is give us a call or fill in our short online enquiry form.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We can provide advice about using ADR methods such as mediation and collaborative law to sort out divorce matters efficiently and cost-effectively. Both of these processes involve negotiating a divorce settlement with your former partner in a friendly, calm and cooperative environment. Agreements that come out of these processes are often strong and work well in the long term.

Visit our Mediation and Collaborative Law pages for further information.

No-fault divorce – available from autumn 2021

Crisp & Co has been at the forefront of campaigns to reform divorce law and change the rules that force people to assign blame for the relationship breakdown.

No-fault divorce will remove the five ‘facts’ or grounds for divorce and allow people to petition for divorce without having to give any reason other than the relationship has irretrievably broken down. This will remove the ‘blame game’ that often forces conflict into divorces that could otherwise be amicable.

The new rules do not come into effect until autumn 2021, so if you think that you may benefit from waiting, we can provide tailored advice about your options.

Get in touch with our divorce solicitors

For expert advice about how to have a #gooddivorce and to set up your free initial consultation, get in touch with our friendly team by giving us a call or filling in our online enquiry form.