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Family Law Solicitors near Altrincham

Our expert family law solicitors near Altrincham provide sensitive and pragmatic support for all manner of family legal issues, our focus is on amicable dispute resolution, avoiding conflict where possible.

At Crisp & Co we have over 20 years of experience in all family law matters, including divorce, civil partnership dissolution and children's law. Our dedicated legal team have expertise in high value and complicated financial settlements, along with LGBTQIA family law and international divorce matters.

Our Atrincham family lawyers can assist you across a range of areas, whether that’s drafting a pre-nuptial agreement, a cohabitation agreement, or assisting you to reach a voluntary financial settlement.

At Crisp & Co we are specialists in family dispute resolution, focusing on methods such as collaborative law and mediation. We can resolve the majority of difficult family law or divorce matters out of Court, which can be less stressful and more cost effective. However, where it is not realistic to solve matters out of Court, we can offer robust litigation support.

How to find our solicitors near Altrincham

Our family law solicitors near Altrincham are located in central Manchester on Oxford Street. Our office is a 5-minute walk away from Manchester Oxford Road railway station and a 15-minute walk away from Manchester Piccadilly. If you are arriving by bus, Oxford Street bus and coach station is also a 5-minute walk away. Those driving to our office will find the NCP Oxford Street car park a 3-minute walk away.

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To book a free initial appointment, simply call us on 0161 549 1082, email us at or use the enquiry form on the right to request a call back.

We can provide family law advice online, by video conferencing or telephone, or at our legal office in Manchester, near Atrincham.

Our divorce and family law services near Altrincham

Divorce law

At Crisp & Co we appreciate that going through a divorce can be incredibly stressful. Our specialist family law solicitors in Altrincham can offer legal support to ease the tension during this difficult time.

We can offer support with each and every stage of the divorce process, from completing the divorce application to making arrangements for your finances and children, and later obtaining a Final Order.

Our legal team are trained in both collaborative law and mediation, our goal is always to attempt to help clients resolve matters amicably, as far as possible.

Children law

At Crisp & Co we understand that legal matters involving your children can be incredibly sensitive, and that taking the right approach is imperative. Our local family law solicitors in Altrincham can provide empathetic guidance, catered to your unique situation and needs. We will always strive to protect your interests and those of your children, helping you to find the best solution.

Our family law solicitors in Altrincham have much experience in all manner of child law issues, including divorce and separation matters, child arrangements, and matters related to parental responsibility and surrogacy.

Co-habitation agreements

When couples move in together, and do not get married, these cohabitating partners have no legal or financial protection in the event that their relationship comes to an end.

Living with a partner means that your finances are likely to become interlinked, and so, ownership of assets can often  be a source of dispute when cohabiting couple’s break up.

Our family law solicitors in Altrincham can assist you to draft a detailed cohabitation agreement which outlines what will happen to a couples property, finances, and children if the relationship later comes to an end.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Entering into a marriage is no doubt exciting, however, it is also a big legal commitment. As such, taking steps to protect your finances and assets is a wise idea.

A prenup is used to detail the assets that each partner owns, and how these assets would be divided if the couple were to later get divorced.

Our expert solicitors can help you to draft a prenuptial agreement that perfectly reflects your circumstances and needs. To learn more, please contact our family law solicitors in Altrincham.

Family dispute resolution

Family disputes can become incredibly complex, giving rise to many conflicts. To ensure that matters are resolved as calmly and swiftly as possible, our expert legal team at Crisp & Co can help.

Our family dispute resolution solicitors in Altrincham have training in both collaborative law and family mediation. These forms of alternative dispute resolution are a useful way to resolve matters out of Court, which can be less stressful and contentious as well as more cost effective.

LGBTQIA family law

Our family law solicitors in Altrincham have much experience working with LGBTQIA couples and individuals.

We appreciate that many family law matters can be sensitive, and we ensure to carefully approach each case, always empathetic and offering a bespoke service that meets your needs.

Our family law specialists can offer tailor-made support for LGBTQIA couples and individuals on various matters, including adoption and surrogacy, pre-civil partnership agreements and civil partnership dissolution.

Domestic violence

Experiencing domestic violence is a traumatic experience, and whilst it can be difficult to seek help, if you are in this situation, it’s important to access support as soon as you can. Our solicitors at Crisp & Co can help you to take the legal necessary steps to keep you safe, and your children if you have any.

We can assist with various measures, for example, helping you to obtain a Non-Molestation Order, or an Occupation Order, depending on what is more appropriate in the situation.

Why choose our family law solicitors at Crisp & Co?

Our expert family law solicitors at Crisp & Co have over 20 years’ of experience in family law, spanning all areas including divorce and civil partnership dissolution, separation, child arrangements, and more.

At Crisp & Co we consistently provide our clients with a high-quality service, always ensuring to explain our processes so that you understand each stage. We always take a sensitive approach to every case, ensuring to base our support on a careful understanding of your circumstances.

When solving family matters, we will help you to solve matters with as little stress and conflict as is possible. If you have any concerns at any point, these will be dealt with swiftly and sensitively.

For more information, get in touch with our local family law solicitors near Altrincham, using the contact details below.

Book an appointment with our divorce and family law solicitors near Altrincham

You can arrange a free initial appointment to discuss your requirements or request a quote by calling us on 0161 549 1082, emailing or using the enquiry form below to request a call back.

We can provide family law advice online, by video conferencing or telephone, or at our legal office in Manchester, near Atrincham.

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