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Divorce and Finance

Divorce Settlements

At Crisp and Co, we can’t promise that every divorce settlement will be the same.

What we can promise is that our solicitors will treat each case with the care and dedication you deserve, using proficient negotiation skills to agree upon a financial settlement that works for you.

When it comes to the division of your assets and income; you need a solicitor you can trust to look after and protect your best interests. With experience in dealing with couples of all financial backgrounds, you can count on us to provide practical advice and help you achieve the most beneficial settlement.

When a marriage or civil partnership breaks down, your priority is to ensure you are financially stable – for your own needs and for the needs of your children. The only way to do this is to secure a reasonable financial divorce settlement with your partner that is fair and accurately represents your contribution to the relationship. At Crisp & Co, we’ve dealt with our fair share of separating couples, so we know that these financial discussions can often escalate and get heated. That’s why we believe in resolving matters as as promptly and efficiently as possible. Where we can reach an agreement without the case going to court, we will do so, not only saving you costs but stress and time involved in the process. 

Why choose Crisp & Co to help with your divorce settlement?

For years, we’ve helped clients from all walks of life to reach agreements regarding the division of their matrimonial assets. We do it because we care. We know that when a household is split in two, you want nothing more than security and protection for yourself and your children. With a practice entirely dedicated to family law, you can trust our team of divorce solicitors to handle every aspect of your separation with ease. Together, we’ll work to secure a financial settlement that allows for stability within your family despite the divorce. Fully qualified in all areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution, our expert negotiators will be by your side from start to end to encourage discussion and actively promote resolution. When negotiating an agreement with your ex-partner, you need a professional to guide you through the conversation to your desirable outcome, rather than just another wall of arguments. For that reason, our solicitors will always take the time to understand your relationship and the breakdown on an in-depth level, in order to provide pragmatic advice that’s tailored to your unique situation.

How can Crisp & Co help me negotiate a reasonable divorce settlement?

With a dedicated solicitor to help navigate you through critical financial discussions to an agreement, and a team of specialists on board to answer any of your questions, you can always rely on Crisp & Co. As lawyers, our approach is strategic and well calculated. As trusted advisors, we’re personable and passionate about what we do. With strong negotiation techniques that inspire trust and compromise from the other side, you can rest assured that we will give our all in finding a solution that provides you with the security and stability you deserve.

Divorce Settlements FAQS

What is a financial settlement in a divorce?

Commonly referred to as a ‘divorce settlement’, a financial settlement is a legally binding written document that details the exact division of matrimonial assets, spousal maintenance as well as any property matters. Any financial matters that will be affected by the divorce should be covered within this document. Where possible, this agreement should be reached before the divorce itself is finalised.

How is a financial settlement negotiated in a divorce?

A reasonable divorce settlement can be agreed upon at any stage during the divorce process. Depending on the level of cooperation from both parties, an agreement can be reached in various ways. When you instruct Crisp & Co to assist you with divorce proceedings, we will attempt to secure a fair financial settlement through skillful negotiation tactics. This involves both parties as well as their dedicated solicitors coming together to discuss each and every aspect involved in the settlement. We’ll be right by your side to encourage compromise and trust from your ex-partner, and actively make suggestions regarding the settlement. If negotiation is unsuccessful, both parties should attempt to find resolve through mediation. This involves both you and your partner attending mediation sessions with an independent mediator who will guide you through discussion to an agreement using specialist dispute resolution techniques. If an agreement still cannot be reached through mediation regarding the divorce settlement, court proceedings may follow. Can this be rephrased - a party can choose to try solicitor negotiation or mediation first and if unsuccessful go to court.

Can I get a divorce without a financial settlement?

Getting divorced is the process of ending a marriage, severing the ties you had as a couple. Without agreeing on a financial settlement, financial ties will not be severed and no terms will be officially agreed upon. While it is possible to divorce without a financial settlement, it is not seen as beneficial to either party to split without one.

My partner and I never married, can we still get a financial settlement?

As an unmarried couple, you and your partner will not share the same rights as a married one in separation. However Children will always be considered first and foremost, and under Schedule one of the Children Act of 1989, the court can still make financial orders in respects to child care costs e.g school fees and higher education. However, other than this, cohabitees currently have no automatic claim against each other in regards to property and assets held in the sole name of one party or their income.

What is a clean break divorce settlement?

While filing for divorce severs the marriage contract between both partners, it does not affect the financial ties between the two. Applying for a Clean Break Order stops your partner from being able to claim for a share of your income, your assets, your property or your pension. Without a Clean Break Order, your spouse could claim for a share if you were to inherit or come into a great deal of money. While the Clean Break Order severs financial ties, it does not mean the partner paying spousal or child maintenance escapes responsibility.

Whichever stage of the divorce proceedings you are at, seeking specialist assistance to negotiate a financial settlement is a smart move. Here at Crisp & Co, our trusted divorce settlement solicitors are at hand to provide pragmatic advice and guidance through the process. Just give us a call on 020 8017 8962 today.