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Civil Partnership Dissolution & LGBT+ Divorce

Ending a civil partnership or same-sex marriage comes with many of the same concerns as heterosexual divorce, but can also involve issues unique to LGBT+ couples. Our expertise in LGBT+ family law means we can support and guide you through quickly and effectively ending your relationship.

If you are in a civil partnership or same-sex marriage that has broken down, we can help you navigate every aspect of ending your relationship. Our same-sex divorce and civil partnership dissolution solicitors have years of experience dealing with family law, giving us a high level of specific expertise in this area.

Crisp and Co’s family law team understand that ending a relationship can be a highly emotional and stressful time. We will deal with your case with sensitivity while making all of your options completely clear and ensuring you get the best result for your interests.

When dissolving a civil partnership, there are many different legal tasks to arrange. We will also ensure that all related issues are taken care of, including separating your finances and making arrangements for any children from the relationship.

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Our civil partnership dissolution & divorce services 

Crisp & Co’s expert divorce and civil partnership dissolution solicitors can help you with the full range of legal issues related to legally ending your same-sex relationship. Our civil partnership dissolution services cover the following:


We regularly help LGBT+ clients handle their divorces, including starting divorce proceedings and responding to divorce proceedings that have been started by your spouse or civil partner.

The rules of same-sex divorce are mostly the same as for heterosexual couples with some exceptions. Our specific expertise in same-sex divorce means we can make this process as smooth and painless as possible, freeing you to move on with your life.

Dissolution of civil partnerships

The process of ending a civil partnership is referred to as a civil partnership dissolution, (some may refer to it as ‘civil partnership divorce’ though this is not the correct terminology.)

If you need to end a civil partnership, you will need to apply for a civil partnership dissolution order. We can guide you through making an application or responding to one, and also help you with all the related issues, such as separating your finances and assets, and arrangements for any children.

To discuss how we could help you today, please get in touch with our expert civil partnership dissolution solicitors.

We understand that going through a civil partnership dissolution can be an incredibly difficult time, which is why we are committed to taking a sensitive approach.

Financial arrangements

We can negotiate a financial settlement on your behalf that allows you to disentangle your finances from those of your ex-partner while ensuring that you get a fair deal. Wherever possible, we will attempt to help you reach an agreement in a non-confrontational manner, through mediation, but we will also robustly represent you in court where this is the best or only available option.

Arranging your finances is often one of the most important parts of a civil partnership dissolution, which is why working with an expert solicitor is well-advised.

Parenting arrangements

Working out parenting arrangements after a relationship ends can be highly sensitive and complicated. Ending a same-sex relationship can sometimes involve additional complexities, especially if legal parental responsibility is not established for both partners.

We are highly experienced in dealing with these matters, so can advise you on the most effective options to safeguard your children while ensuring your rights are respected. Again, wherever possible we will try to do this through mediation as this is usually the least disruptive option for you and your children.

If you are going through the dissolution of a civil partnership, you can trust us to help you put your children first.

Family Mediation

At Crisp & Co we are big believers in the effectiveness of family mediation. This involves both parties sitting down with one of our trained mediators who can guide you towards a mutually acceptable agreement that protects everyone’s interests.

Mediation is often the fastest, most cost-effective and least stressful approach to resolving family disputes, including issues related to dissolving a civil partnership. It can also make it much easier to maintain a positive relationship with your ex-partner, which is particularly important when you have children together.

Our expertise in civil partnership dissolution and same-sex divorce

The Crisp & Co family law team contains a number of solicitors with many years of experience helping LGBT+ people deal with their legal issues, including divorce and dissolving civil partnerships. 

Several of our team are trained in mediation and collaborative law and are members of Resolution, an organisation committed to non-confrontational methods of dispute resolution. However, we also have extensive experience representing clients in court, meaning that we can also give you the most effective support, no matter what route you need to go down to get the best result for your interests.

If you have any questions about the dissolution of a civil partnership, our experts will be more than happy to answer them.

Frequently asked questions about dissolving a civil partnership


How do you dissolve a civil partnership?

If you would like to dissolve a civil partnership, you will need to complete a civil partnership dissolution application form, confirming that the relationship has irretrievably broken down, and send this application to the Court.

Providing that that you are eligible and have completed the form correctly, you will be approved to apply for a Conditional Order, after a mandatory 20 week waiting period. Once you have received the Conditional Order, you will be approved to apply for a Final Order, after a mandatory 6 week waiting period.

You will need to reach a financial settlement and negotiate child arrangements if applicable, separately to the above process.

A civil partnership dissolution solicitor will be able to guide you through all of these processes, providing personalised legal advice, to ensure that your needs are met.

What are the grounds for civil partnership dissolution?

The only grounds for civil partnership dissolution are that you have been in your civil partnership for at least a year and that your partnership has broken down beyond repair.

How long does it take to end a civil partnership?

It takes approximately 6 months to end a civil partnership.

Whilst it is possible to dissolve a civil partnership within this time frame, reaching the associated financial settlement may take significantly longer, particularly where the partners have a complex financial situation.

How much does it cost to dissolve a civil partnership?

The set fee to end a civil partnership is £593. Any legal support that you receive throughout the associated processes is charged separately.

If you choose to work with us at Crisp & Co, your legal fees will vary according to the type of help you require, and the complexity of your legal needs. Regardless, you will receive an accurate fee estimate at the beginning.

What happens to children or financial arrangements on same-sex divorce or civil partnership dissolution?

When going through a civil partnership dissolution, it is necessary to reach a financial settlement with your ex-partner, as well as determine arrangements for your children, if you have them.

There is no ‘one fits all’ solution to determine what happens to a couple’s finances or children when dissolving a civil partnership.

When determining a financial settlement, couples’ are free to negotiate this themselves with a voluntary settlement, potentially using legal methods such as mediation or collaborative law. If they cannot reach an agreement between themselves, it may be necessary to go through court proceedings.

Financial settlements are determined according to the following factors:

  • The financial income, resources and earning potential of both parties
  • The financial needs of both parties
  • How long the couple have been in a civil partnership
  • The age of both parties
  • The general standard of living that the partners experienced during the civil partnership
  • The needs of any children that they may have

If the partners have children, they have the option to make child arrangements out of Court. Where this is not an option, they can obtain a Child Arrangement Order through Court proceedings. The purpose is to decide where any children will live, as well as how child contact and child care will work.

Various factors are considered when determining child arrangements, including:

  • The child’s needs, physically and emotionally
  • The child’s preferences (though their age and ability to understand is closely considered here)
  • The impact of any change in circumstances
  • The capability of each parent to meet the child’s needs
  • Any potential risk of harm to the child

Get in touch with our expert civil partnership dissolution solicitors

The earlier you consult a solicitor when getting divorced or ending a civil partnership, the better. Getting expert legal advice right away can help you avoid many of the common pitfalls that can end up making the process take longer, cost more and be more stressful than it needs to be.

Crisp & Co’s experienced family lawyers can guide you every step of the way, helping you to legally end your relationship as quickly, simply, and cost-effectively as possible.

To speak to one of our same-sex divorce and civil partnership dissolution experts, call us today on 020 3613 3516 or use the enquiry form below for a swift response.