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Divorce & Family Law Consultation London

For many people, the prospect of divorce or any other legal issue involving your family can be confusing, upsetting and intimidating. Having access to expert legal advice from the outset can help you get to grips with your situation and what you need to do to move forward in a way that protects your interests.

Our goal is to make dealing with your divorce or family law issue as straightforward as possible by providing clear, practical advice on how to proceed from the very beginning.

Our divorce solicitors and family lawyers in London and the South East have over 20 years’ experience helping people to resolve their family law issues quickly and cost effectively while keeping conflict to a minimum. With a particular focus on non-confrontational dispute resolution, we can advise you on the best way to find a solution to suit your situation and goals.

To book your initial consultation for divorce advice or other family law advice, please get in touch with our divorce solicitors and family lawyers in London and across the South East now by calling 020 8017 8962 or contact your local Crisp & Co office.

What to expect during your divorce or family law consultation

During your initial consultation, we will discuss the details of your situation and any particular issues or concerns you have. We will then normally discuss some of the key issues involved in getting divorced or resolving your family law issue, so you have an idea of what to expect and what your options are.

Understanding your situation

We offer a friendly, sympathetic approach, designed to make it as easy as possible for you to discuss your current situation and what you want to happen. Whether you are getting divorced, need a pre-nuptial agreement or co-habitation agreement, are involved in a dispute over your children, or are struggling with any other problem related to your family, we will guide you through identifying all of the key issues that need to be resolved.

We can then advise you of your options, making it clear the benefits and any potential drawbacks of each approach, as well as a transparent breakdown of the likely costs involved. That way, you can make an informed decision when choosing how to move forward.

Care and attention from experienced family law solicitors

Your initial consultation will be with a qualified lawyer who has the skill and experience necessary to provide the guidance you need. So, you can trust that the advice you receive will be accurate, practical and the best way forward.

Our Family Law team have been independently recognised for our expertise in this area, having received the Law Society Family Law Advanced Accreditation. This means we particularly specialise in complex family law issues, such as high value divorce cases.

Non-confrontational family dispute resolution

Our main focus is on non-confrontational approaches to family law disputes, so we will explain how this works and why this may be appropriate for your situation or if another approach is likely to be more suitable.

In most cases, this allows us to help people get divorced or resolve their family law issues without the need to take the matter to court. We do this through non-confrontational dispute resolution, allowing both parties to voluntarily agree the details of the divorce. This usually takes the form of either mediation or collaborative law.

Mediation – Our trained mediators can provide a neutral third-party to facilitate discussion between you and your spouse or former spouse over key issues such as how your finances will be divided and what arrangements will be made for any children you have together or to deal with any on-going disputes after you have separated. This is now the most commonly used way to handle divorce and is generally the fastest and most cost-effective option.

Collaborative law – This offers an alternative approach to mediation that is also aimed at minimising conflict. Both parties meet, accompanied by their own lawyers (who must be trained in collaborative law) with the goal of negotiating an agreement that protects everyone’s best interests. This can be a good option where there are more complicated issues to resolve, such as jointly-owned business, as it allows both parties to have access to their own trained legal counsel. Other relevant professionals, such as accountants and financial advisors, can also participate if agreed by both parties.

Many of our team are also members of Resolution, a network of family law professionals who are dedicated to helping families find the most positive solutions to their problems out-of-court wherever possible.

That being said, we also represent people at family court and can assist with a wide range of court applications. We are also happy to provide initial advice about when going to court may be necessary at your free family law consultation.

Clarity about costs

As well as providing family law advice, we will provide a clear, tailored quote for the work so you can make a confident decision about moving forwards with us. We know that costs will be a major concern for you so can talk in detail about potential costs and help you budget.

Our quotes always include a breakdown of our fees as well as VAT and any other expenses (such as potential court fees or Land Registry searches to establish property ownership) so you have the full picture from the outset of your case.

We offer flexible hourly rates which depend on your family lawyer’s experience and expertise. You will always be paired with a lawyer who has the right level of expertise to help you and produce the outcome you need.

For more information about our family law fees, please visit our Fees and Paying for our Service page.

What to bring to your initial consultation with our divorce solicitors and family lawyers

Although you do not need to bring anything with to your initial family law and divorce consultation with us, the following documents can be helpful:

  • Your marriage certificate or certificate of civil partnership
  • Any letters or documents sent to you by your spouse or their solicitors
  • Any documents sent to you by a court
  • Your passport or driving licence & proof of address

Why choose Crisp & Co for family law and divorce advice?

Crisp & Co’s divorce solicitors and family lawyers have been guiding people through all aspects of divorce and family law for over 20 years. Family law is the sole focus of our firm, meaning we have exceptional expertise in all of the issues surrounding divorce, family breakdown and other family law issues, including financial settlements and arrangements for children. We also have particular experience with same sex marriages and civil partnerships.

Our goal when handling your divorce or family law dispute is to make the process as fast, cost-effective and amicable as possible, while ensuring the outcome protects your best interests. We do this by using non-confrontational dispute resolution for divorce wherever possible, including mediation and collaborative law, allowing most of our clients to avoid court action.

Crisp & Co are accredited by the Law Society for Family Law Advanced, reflecting the particular strength of our expertise in this area.

Our team includes several members of Resolution – a group of family lawyers committed to removing the conflict from family law – giving them access to specialist training in mediation for divorce and collaborative law. We follow the Resolution Code of Conduct at every stage of the advice process, starting from your first free initial family law and divorce consultation. We are committed to:

  • Listening to you, being honest with you and treating you with respect.
  • Explaining all your options so you can feel confident you are making the right decisions.
  • Helping you identify and focus on what is important in the long term.
  • Helping you balance costs with your goals.
  • Helping you access other support.
  • Managing stress in what are often highly stressful situations.

Book a consultation with our divorce solicitors and family lawyers in London & South East England

For legal divorce advice or other family law advice, book your initial 1-hour consultation today – Get in touch with our divorce solicitors and family lawyers in London and across the South East now by calling 020 8017 8962 or contact your local Crisp & Co office.