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Divorce Solicitors in Bristol

Our Bristol divorce lawyers have the experience and expertise to make your divorce as fast, straightforward and free from conflict as possible.

We can guide you through every aspect of the divorce process, from starting or responding to divorce proceedings, to making a financial settlement or arrangements for children.

Having specialised in divorce and family law for over 20 years, we have earned a reputation for offering exceptional advice and guidance for complex and high value financial settlements, international divorce cases and same sex divorce.

With strong skills in negotiation and non-confrontational dispute resolution, we can help to keep your divorce out of the courts in almost all cases, saving you time, money and a lot of unnecessary stress. Our team are particularly skilled at resolving complex financial matters through mediation and collaborative law.

We understand how confusing and contentious divorce can be, so take a proactive, empathetic approach, helping to protect your interests and those of your loved ones. That way, you can move on as soon as possible, confident that every detail is taken care of.

Speak to our divorce lawyers in Bristol today by calling 0117 456 9750, emailing or using the enquiry form on the right to request a call back.

Our divorce law services in Bristol

We offer clear, compassionate advice and support for all of the legal and practical issues surrounding divorce, helping you to end your relationship and move forward in a positive way that protects your interests and those of your loved ones.

Divorce petitions

Getting your divorce petition right is one of the most critical steps towards ensuring your divorce can go ahead quickly and smoothly. If you make mistakes in the way the form is filled out, the court can reject it, forcing you to start over, wasting time and money.

It’s also important to choose the right reasons for the divorce to cite in the petition. You will need to make sure they will be considered sufficient for a court to accept without causing your spouse to object and choose to defend the divorce if they feel you have been unfair to them.

Our divorce lawyers in Bristol can guide you through filling out and submitting a divorce petition or responding to one, helping to make sure there are no unnecessary delays.

We can also help with the other practical issues involved in the divorce process, such as promptly applying for the final order as soon as you are eligible, enabling your divorce to go ahead as fast as possible.

Divorce settlements

Separating your finances during a divorce can seem like a very daunting task, especially where there are complex issues to resolve, such as what will happen to a home you own together, agreeing maintenance for children or sorting our investments and pension entitlements.

Our divorce settlements solicitors in Bristol are highly experienced in handling even the most complex financial situations, including for High Net Worth individuals and where international assets need to be considered. We can help to keep the settlement process amicable while ensuring your needs and those of your loved ones are taken care of.

Arrangements for children

Sorting out arrangements for children during divorce is often the most emotive issue that needs to be resolved. Deciding where your children will live, what contact they will have with the non-resident parent and any other issues, such as relocation abroad can be very challenging.

Our Bristol divorce lawyers have supported families with these issues for many years, meaning we understand all of the practical and emotional complications that can arise. Our goal is to achieve the best result for you and your children, while enabling you to retain a positive relationship with your former partner wherever possible.

Divorce mediation

This is now the most common way to sort out the practical issues surrounding divorce. You will normally need to show that you have at least considered mediation by attending a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before you will be allowed to take your divorce to court.

Mediation involves you and your former partner meeting with one of our trained neutral mediators over a series of sessions (usually around 3) to make decisions about things like how to divide your finances and arrangements for your children.

The mediator’s role is not to tell you what to do, but rather to facilitate an amicable conversation between you and your spouse, defusing any potential conflict and allowing you to focus on agreeing how to move forward.

Collaborative law for divorce

A popular alternative to mediation, this approach can be particularly beneficial where there are more complex or contentious issues to resolve, or where you feel you would benefit from having your own lawyer in the room with you when making decisions.

The process involves a series of 4-way meetings between you, your spouse and your respective lawyers (who must be trained in collaborative law). The goal is to negotiate solutions to the practical issues involved in your separation with the advice and guidance of your lawyers.

Other relevant professionals, such as financial advisors, can also be included in the discussions, allowing you to have access to all the expertise you need to make informed decision that protect your interests.

Our divorce fees in Bristol

We aim to make our fees transparent and offer excellent value for money to every client.

When you first get in touch with our Bristol divorce solicitors, we will arrange a free initial consultation so we can get an understanding of your circumstances, then provide an estimate of our fees and associated costs tailored to your needs.

Our divorce fees are calculated based on an hourly rate, which will depend on the level of experience and expertise required to achieve the best results for you and your particular situation.

Alongside our fees, there are usually various other costs included in divorce, such as court fees, which we will make clear at the outset. Our estimate will also include VAT, meaning the price we quote is as accurate as possible and there should be no hidden surprises later on.

We offer a variety of payment structures to suit your circumstances, including paying in instalments as your divorce progresses, allowing you to keep tight control over the amount you are spending.

To find out more about our divorce fees in Bristol or to book your free initial consultation, please get in touch.

Why choose Crisp and Co divorce lawyers in Bristol?

Crisp & Co’s divorce lawyers have decades of experience guiding people through all of the complex issues surrounding divorce and separation. Every member of our team is a specialist in family law and we work with people from all walks of life, with particular expertise in LGBT+ family law, international divorce and High Net Worth divorce.

We are strongly committed to keeping conflict out of divorce wherever possible, with our team specialising in non-confrontational family dispute resolution, including mediation and collaborative law. In our experience, this approach benefits everyone by making the divorce process less stressful, faster and keeping costs downs for both parties.

However, we also have extensive experience with handling divorces through the courts and have strong links with leading barristers, so can provide the very best representation however your case progresses.

Many of our divorce lawyers are members of Resolution – a network of legal professionals committed to non-confrontational dispute resolution – reflecting our expertise in this area.

Book an appointment with our Bristol divorce lawyers

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Helpful resources for divorce in Bristol

Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre

Just a short walk from from Bristol Temple Meads station in the city centre, this court handles divorce cases for people in Bristol and the surrounding area.

If you are located outside Bristol, the  Court and Tribunal finder  allows you to look up the nearest family court to you based on your postcode.

Citizens Advice Bristol

Your local citizens advice centre can be a good place to find basic information about divorce, housing and a range of issues. The Bristol branch is located on Fairfax street, just around the corner from our offices.

Divorce Support Groups in Bristol

MeetUp  can be useful for finding local divorce support groups, such The Divorce Club Bristol who can help provide emotional support during this challenging time.

The single parents’ charity Gingerbread provides practical support with groups and workshops across the UK for single parents. You can find information about local meetings and sessions on their website.