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Divorce Solicitors in the City of London

The divorce process can be time consuming, expensive and highly acrimonious if not handled correctly. Even when both partners agree to the divorce, there are many key details to get right and issues such as finances and arrangements for children can still be very challenging to agree.

Our divorce lawyers in central London focus on non-confrontational methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation and collaborative law, meaning we can help you sort out the details of your divorce amicably in most cases, while still ensuring your best interests stay protected.

We can guide and support you through every stage of getting divorced, from creating or responding to a divorce petition, to making a financial settlement and sorting out arrangements for children. Having specialised in divorce law since 1996, we have the expertise and experience to help you find a fair outcome quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal conflict.

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Our divorce law services in the City of London

We offer a sensitive, practical approach to all areas of divorce, providing a comprehensive service that allows you to make all of the arrangements necessary to move on with your life.

Divorce petitions

We can help to ensure the process of starting or responding to divorce proceedings goes as smoothly as possible, including helping you and your ex to agree grounds for divorce that will satisfy a court without either of you having to agree to anything you are not comfortable with.

Divorce settlements

Our divorce solicitors can help you agree all the financial details of your divorce, including how joint assets will be divided, maintenance agreements for children and what, if any, maintenance one party will pay to the other. We aim to help you amicable agree a settlement that is fair for both parties, allowing you both to achieve closure and move on.

Arrangements for children

Agreeing where your children will live, how often they will see the non-resident parent and what contact you will have with them can be one of the most contentious issues to sort out. Our non-confrontational dispute resolution team can help to keep this process amicable, allowing you to maintain a better relationship with your children’s other parent and protecting your children’s best interests.

Divorce mediation

Mediation is now the most common way to work out the details of a divorce and you will normally need to show you have at least considered mediation before you will be allowed to take your divorce to court. This is done by attending a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) where the process and benefits will be explained.

Mediation revolves around you and your ex meeting with a trained neutral mediator who will encourage you to discuss the issues you need to agree while diffusing any conflict and tension. You will normally have around 3 sessions of mediation for the average divorce, although this will depend on your exact circumstances and needs.

Collaborative law for divorce

Collaborative law offers an alternative to mediation for divorce with the same aim of keeping the process amicable and avoiding conflict. The process involves you and your spouse both sitting down supported by your own lawyers trained in collaborative law for a 4-way meeting.

Collaborative law is a popular choice for people who are concerned that they have issues too complicated to sort out without the advice and support of a lawyer on hand. We can advise you on whether we think this is likely to be a good option for you and have a number of trained collaborative lawyers on our team who can support you if required.

Why choose Crisp and Co divorce lawyers in central London?

Crisp & Co has been providing a non-confrontational divorce service in the City of London and throughout the South East since 1996. Our goal is to make your divorce faster, less costly and more harmonious using methods such as mediation and collaborative law to allow you to avoid the need for court action.

Many of our divorce solicitors are members of Resolution – a network of legal professionals committed to non-confrontational dispute resolution. As a company, we have also achieved Lexcel accreditation from the Law Society, reflecting the high quality of legal practice management and customer care we provide.

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Resources for divorce in central London

When going through a divorce, you may benefit from some of the resources listed below for people living in The City of London.

Central Family Court

This court hears cases related to adoption, children, domestic violence, forced marriage and FGM for people in central London, including The City.

Divorce Support Groups

Meeting with other people who are going through or have been through a similar situation to you can offer vital emotional and practical support.

You can find many divorce support groups by visiting, where you’ll be able to locate groups of peers local to you in The City. From outdoor activities to casual dinner and drinks, these groups tend to be full of likeminded people looking to distress either during or post divorce.


Gingerbread is a charity for single parents, offering a range of advice and resources to help you make the adjustment to raising your children alone.