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Divorce Solicitors in the City of London

At Crisp and Co, our team of specialist divorce solicitors in The City of London have been helping families get back on track with expert legal advice since 1996.

Our legal advice is not only affordable, but we ensure that the service we provide is first class and tailored to your individual needs from start to finish. Our divorce solicitors in The City of London can provide advice on all aspects of divorce law, including divorce, same sex relationships family breakdown, pre-nups, cohabitation agreements and children.

Divorce is rarely easy. From the day-to-day struggle and sudden change to your lifestyle to the difficult decisions you must make regarding children, money and property, it's a challenging time for all involved. That's why at Crisp & Co, our divorce solicitors in the City of London are here to keep stress, time and costs to a minimum. With a proven track record for helping clients through divorce with ease, you can count on our team to protect your interests no matter what. 

We understand how daunting the divorce process can be, which is why we will always aim to resolve any disputes that arise as quickly and efficiently as possible through constructive mediation sessions or collaborative law. This not only saves your conflict from escalating to court, but it also allows you and your ex-partner to work through issues amicably, reaching a decision that reflects both parties needs fairly. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure the outcome of your split meets your requirements, and our divorce solicitors in the city of London are prepared to go above and beyond in achieving this. Just get in touch with a member of our friendly team today to see how we can help.

How can we help?


Useful Resources for Divorcees in the City of London

Seeking advice from solicitors about divorce may not be your only step. You may need advice and support from other resources in and around The City of London who will also help you get you and your family moving forward.

Research from the Office of National Statistics showed that in the city of London alone 563,470 people were not living as a couple following a separation, legal divorce or civil-partnership dissolution in 2012. Of these people, they may also be searching for useful resources that can aid them in their journey through divorce.

At a time where you may be experiencing pain and stress, it’s comforting to know that you are not alone. There is a vast support network for those going through a divorce in The City of London.

One useful resource is where you can find support groups specifically for those experiencing divorce. The website will also choose the closet groups to the City of London or another location most convenient for you.

City of London

During divorce one of the areas that can sometimes be neglected is your health and wellbeing. We know that there is a great deal to consider when faced with divorce and certain priorities can take a back seat.

The City of London website provides a full list of services you can access relating to your wellbeing and fitness, along with medical help such as local GP’s, pharmacies and opticians.

Divorce Support Group

Making the decision to go ahead with a divorce is never easy, the decisions you make moving forward are vitally important as they determine how the following weeks, and even months will plan out. One way of coming to terms with these decisions is by sharing your current experiences with someone who is also experiencing a similar situation. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.

The Divorce Support group run a series of one day work shops and ten week support groups to help people recover and cope with divorce. You can book your place by calling 0207 483 1378.

You can also find many more divorce support groups by visiting, where you’ll be able to locate groups of peers local to you in The City. From outdoor activities to casual dinner and drinks, these groups tend to be full of likeminded people looking to distress either during or post divorce.

Divorce Solicitors in the City of London

Court Tribunal Finder

The Court and Tribunal finder will direct you to your nearest divorce centre. The website will ask for your postcode and will then provide you with the address and areas of law covered, along with a map.