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Family Law Solicitors in the City of London

Legal issues affecting your family can be highly stressful and confusing, so our aim is to make resolving them as fast, simple and stress-free as possible with a focus on minimising conflict wherever possible.

Our family law solicitors in central London offer a non-confrontational approach to family dispute resolution, as well as strong expertise in all areas of family law. We can help you with everything from divorce and relationship breakdown, to financial disputes and disagreements over childcare.

Having specialised in family law since 1996, our team have extensive experience working across all areas of family law. With training in mediation and collaborative law, we can minimise conflict when resolving family dispute while ensuring your interests stay protected. We also have strong experience in LGBT+ family law, so no matter who you are, we can provide the legal expertise you and your family need.

Get in touch with our family solicitors in the City of London by calling 0203 857 9882, emailing or using the enquiry form on the right to request a call back.

Our family law services in the City of London

Our family lawyers in central London offer a full range of legal services for individuals and families. We can help you find fast, cost-effective legal solutions to your family law issues while avoiding conflict wherever possible.

Our family law expertise includes:

  • Divorce
  • Civil partnership dissolution
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Financial settlements
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Pre-civil partnership agreements
  • Living together agreements
  • Children law
  • LGBT+ family law
  • Family dispute resolution (including mediation & collaborative law)
  • International divorce
  • Domestic violence

Family dispute resolution in central London

Our approach to resolving family disputes is based around finding mutually acceptable solutions that work for both parties, avoiding court action wherever possible. In our experience, agreeing a solution privately is almost always faster, less expensive and less stressful for everyone involved. It also allows you to keep control of the process, rather than putting the final decision in the hands of a judge.

Our primary means of achieving this are mediation and collaborative law, both of which are tried and tested methods of non-confrontational dispute resolution.

Family mediation – We offer trained, neutral mediators who can arrange a meeting between you and anyone you are involved in a dispute with to discuss the issues involved and amicably agree a fair outcome.

Our mediators can make the process as effective as possible, guiding you through negotiations while diffusing any potential conflict and helping to ensure that the discussion stays productive.

This approach allows you to keep control over the process of resolving a dispute and is often the fastest, least costly and simplest way to agree a solution.

Collaborative law – If you have more complicated issues to resolve and are worried that you won’t be able to sort out the details yourself, collaborative law offers a good alternative to mediation that still aims to keep conflict to a minimum.

Both parties meet, each accompanied by their own lawyer trained in collaborative law. A four-way discussion then takes place with the goal of agreeing all of the details required to resolve the dispute and allow both parties to move on.

This approach means that each party has the reassurance of having their own trained legal representative with them, helping to make sure nothing is overlooked and that each parties’ interests stay protected.

Why choose Crisp & Co’s family lawyers in the City of London?

Crisp & Co’s family lawyers in central London support individuals and families across London and the South East with a wide range of family law issues. With over two decades specialising in this area of law, we offer a high level of expertise and the benefits of our exceptional training in non-confrontational dispute resolution.

Many of our family law solicitors are also members of Resolution, a network of family legal professionals committed to non-confrontational dispute resolution. Additionally, Crisp & Co is Lexcel-accredited by the Law Society, showing that we provide the highest quality of legal practice management and customer care.

We have a particular focus on LGBT+ family law, with many years of experience acting for LGBT+ individuals across everything from divorce and civil partnership dissolution to adoption, surrogacy and parental responsibility issues.

Get in touch with our family solicitors in central London

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