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Divorce & Family Law Solicitors in Ealing

Our highly experienced divorce and family law solicitors in Ealing are on hand to provide straightforward, practical legal advice which is specifically tailored to suit each and every one of our client’s personal circumstances.

Our team have over 20 years of experience specialising in all areas of family law, including divorce and separation. We have specialist expertise in high value financial matters, as well as international divorce and LGBT+ family law.

Our Ealing family lawyers can help with matters including:

Avoid unnecessary conflict in divorce and family law

At Crisp & Co, we strongly believe in removing conflict from family law wherever possible. This is often achieved by focusing on non-confrontational methods, such as constructive negotiation, meditation and collaborative law, as opposed to instinctively resorting to contentious court proceedings.

By focusing on removing conflict, your situation will be much less stressful and will also allow you to stay in control of decisions about your current situation. It also significantly increases the chances of reaching a positive outcome faster and at a lower cost.

Find out more about how we remove conflict from divorce and family law for people in Ealing.

Flexible funding options to suit your circumstances

We understand that costs can be a concern when your situation is not completely clear. As such, we are able to offer a range of flexible funding options so that our services are as accessible as possible.

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Our divorce and family law services in Ealing

Divorce & separation

The emotional fallout and practical arrangements that arise from a divorce or separation can be difficult to deal with without the right legal support and advice. Our team can work alongside you to make sure that the process remains as straightforward and stress free as possible, which will allow you to move on to the next chapter in your life with confidence.

Our divorce solicitors in Ealing are experts in matters related to:

We also have particular experience with:

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Children law

Every parent’s main priority is that of their child’s wellbeing. So, when it comes to family law issues, it is vital to make sure that you are making the right choices for your children, while also simultaneously protecting your legal rights as a parent.

Our child law solicitors in Ealing are experts in matters including:

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Co-habitation legal advice

It is increasingly common for coupes to live together, or co-habit, without being married or in a civil partnership. Whether or not this a permanent solution, it is important to understand that unmarried couples who co-habit do not have any automatic legal rights to each other’s property or assets. Careful planning is therefore required.

Our family law solicitors in Ealing can advise cohabiting couples on issues including:

  • Making a cohabitation agreement
  • Buying property as an unmarried couple
  • Separation for unmarried couples

Find out more about our expertise with cohabitation law.

Pre-nuptial agreements & post-nuptial agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements (‘pre-nups’) and post-nuptial agreements (‘post-nups’) are sensible ways of protecting your assets and securing your future when you get married or enter into a civil partnership.

Our Ealing family lawyers can advise on:

Find out more about our expertise with pre-nups and post-nups.

Adoption & fertility law

Adoption and fertility law can often prove to be very complex, which means that getting the right legal advice at the earliest opportunity is absolutely vital. It can also help to avoid the risk of future problems that could affect your family.

Our Ealing family lawyers are experts in matters including:

LGBT+ family law

LGBT+ individuals and couples experience the same family law issues as everybody else, on top of a range of specialist issues that can affect them and their wider communities. At Crisp & Co, we are firm believers in equal rights and support for everyone, with a long history of helping LGBT+ people with their family law needs.

Our family law solicitors in Ealing are experts in matters including:

Find out more about our expertise with LGBT+ family law.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can be highly damaging but help and support is always available if you ever find yourself in an abusive environment or situation. Should you need our support, we are readily available to provide fast effective legal options to protect you and your loved ones.

Our Ealing family law solicitors can help with matters including:

Find out more about our expertise in supporting victims of domestic abuse.

How we remove conflict from divorce and family law for people in Ealing

Contrary to popular belief, conflict is not an inevitability when dealing with a divorce or any other sort of family law issue. Our substantial experience shows us that various family law issues can be resolved amicably and in a way that gets our clients the outcome they need.

Our family lawyers in Ealing have specialist expertise in alternative dispute resolution, such as constructive negotiation, mediation and collaborative law. These options are all ideal for different scenarios and all work to help reduce the potential for future court proceedings. This reduces potential for disruptive conflict, as well as keeping the process private.

That being said, alternative dispute resolution is not always possible. In some cases, court proceedings are required to protect your best interests and those of your family. We will make sure that you have the robust representation required to ensure you reach a positive outcome – as well as providing emotional and practical support along the way.

Our family law fees in Ealing, West London

Free first appointment

Our family lawyers in Ealing are able to offer a free first appointment. This can be over the phone, via video conferencing or in person. At this appointment, you will get the opportunity to explain what you need help with, ask us some important questions and get an initial estimate of our fees.

Pay as you go

We charge an hourly rate dependant on the level of expertise required to provide you with the support you need. We are happy to explain these rates and other applicable costs at your initial appointment.

Flexible payment options

If you are dealing with divorce or separation, your financial situation may appear rather uncertain. This is why we offer flexible payment options, including deferred fee agreements, where appropriate.

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