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Divorce & Family Law Solicitors in Wandsworth

Our friendly and highly skilled divorce and family law solicitors in Wandsworth offer practical legal advice, delivered with sensitivity for the complexities of your individual situation.

With 20+ years of experience specialising in all family law matters under our belts, you can benefit from the expertise of lawyers who truly understand how to make the law work for families and the very real issues they face.

We are particularly well-known for our experience handling complex and high value financial matters, as well as our expertise in international divorce and LGBT+ family law.

We can offer you a free one-hour initial consultation to discuss how we can help you resolve your family issue.

Our Wandsworth family lawyers can help with matters including:

Avoid unnecessary conflict in divorce and family law

You may be worried about the arguments and disagreements that people often think come hand-in-hand with divorce and other family law issues.

We believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. Our goal is to remove any unnecessary conflict from family law at every opportunity. We focus on using non-confrontational approaches, such as using strategic negotiation and family law processes such as mediation and collaborative law, rather than diving straight into contentious court proceedings.

Not only does this remove a lot of the stress of going through a separation or sorting out emotional problems, but it also allows you to stay in control of the situation and your future (rather than putting decisions in the hands of a judge).

The extra benefit of this is that family law cases with us are often resolved faster and at a lower cost.

Find out more about how we remove conflict from divorce and family law for people in Wandsworth.

Flexible funding options to suit your circumstances

Costs can be a big worry when everything is so uncertain. We understand this, so offer a range of flexible funding options so you can access high quality legal advice without having to worry.

Find out more about our family law fees.

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Our divorce and family law services in Wandsworth, London

Divorce & separation

Breaking up with your partner causes all kinds of emotional and practical challenges. Transitioning to life as a single person after spending years or even decades with the same person can be daunting, even if separating was an easy choice to make.

Getting expert legal advice during this time can make the process simpler and easier to handle. It also ensures that your separation goes ahead without a hitch, so you can start moving on with your life with peace of mind as soon as possible.

Our divorce solicitors in Wandsworth are experts in all separation matters, including:

We have particular experience with:

Find out more about our expertise with divorce law.

Children law

Making sure your children are happy is every parent’s priority. However, we know just how hard it is to know what is best. When you and your partner are separated and co-parenting, it can be even harder.

Our child law solicitors in Wandsworth can help you make the right choices for your children, while also protecting your parental rights. Our expertise includes:

Find out more about our expertise with child law.

Co-habitation legal advice

Most couples co-habit nowadays, either before getting married or entering into a civil partnership or instead of tying the knot.

However, co-habiting couples do not have the same legal rights as married spouses and civil partners. If you break up, you have no legal rights to your partner’s income, property or other assets, even if you have lived together for many years.

So, it is vital to plan ahead. Our family lawyers in Wandsworth can advise co-habiting couples on all kinds of issues, including:

  • Making a cohabitation agreement
  • Buying property as an unmarried couple
  • Separation for unmarried couples

Find out more about our expertise with cohabitation law.

Pre-nuptial agreements & post-nuptial agreements

Making a pre-nuptial agreement (‘pre-nup’) or post-nuptial agreement (‘post-nup’) is a practical way to protect your financial interests during marriage or civil partnership.

Whether you have inheritance you want to protect, a family business, or maintenance arrangements from a previous relationship, a pre-nup or post-nup can help you keep these separate from other matrimonial finances.

Our Wandsworth family lawyers can advise on:

Find out more about our expertise with pre-nups and post-nups.

Adoption & fertility law

If you are expanding your family through routes such as adoption, surrogacy and artificial insemination, getting specialist legal advice is essential. Legal parenthood is complicated, but you need to make sure you have all the parental rights and responsibilities you need to raise your family.

Our Wandsworth family law solicitors are experts in this area. Our expertise includes:

LGBT+ family law

Family law issues affect everyone, regardless of sex, gender and sexual orientation. Sometimes, LGBT+ individuals and families have to deal with more specialist legal issues that require a higher level of advice.

Our family solicitors in Wandsworth have particular expertise in issues which commonly affect LGBT+ families, including:

Find out more about our expertise with LGBT+ family law.

Domestic abuse

You have the right to feel safe in your relationships. However, if someone has made you feel unsafe, there is support available to protect you from the abusive situation.

Our team are here to provide advice about your legal options for protecting you and your loved ones.

Our Wandsworth family law solicitors can help with matters including:

Find out more about our expertise in supporting victims of domestic abuse.

How we remove conflict from divorce and family law for people in Wandsworth

Handling a divorce, separation or any other family law challenge can be scary and stressful, but it does not always have to be combative. Our years of experience have shown us that most family law matters can be sorted out in a positive way while reducing disputes.

Our family lawyers in Wandsworth specialise in alternative dispute resolution, including:

  • Constructive negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative law

One of these options may be right for you, depending on your personal circumstances, and could help you avoid court. Not only does this reduce stress, but it can also be faster and cheaper.

However, we know that sometimes court proceedings are the only way to get the outcome you need. Should this be required, we can make sure that you have legal representation during the proceedings and our team will always be on hand to provide support and guidance.

Our family law fees in Wandsworth, South West London

Free first appointment

Our family lawyers in Wandsworth can offer you a free first appointment to talk about your needs and how we can help. It is also your chance to ask any burning questions.

This first appointment can be over the phone, via videoconferencing or in person – whichever way is best for you.

Pay as you go

We have hourly rates which depend on the level of expertise required to provide the support you need. We will explain our rates to you along with any other anticipated costs (such as court fees) at your first initial consultation.

Flexible payment options

Dealing with family law issues such as divorce and separation can be a financially uncertain time. We understand this, so can offer flexible payment options, including deferred fee agreements, where appropriate.

Find out more about our fees and paying for our service.

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